Fancy yourself an expert? Bloggers Needed.

We're looking for more members and leaders to share their expertise. Think you're the best at something in the outdoors? Know a secret trick to avoid blisters? We want you to share your story!
Kristina Ciari Tursi Kristina Ciari Tursi
Membership & Marketing Director
June 24, 2015
Fancy yourself an expert? Bloggers Needed.

People come to The Mountaineers because we are experts in the outdoors – we’ve been doing it for 110 years after all! As one of the oldest volunteer-led clubs in the country, our experience has been documented in the pages of our books and in the memories of our volunteers and members. Now we want to share even more of your personal stories, and we ask you to let us!

Do you have beta on the best way to avoid blisters on a hike? Are you the best at pitching a tent in the rain? Have you created a fool-proof packing list? We want to know! Email our Communications Director Kristina Ciari ( to find out more ways to share your story, post your own expert blog RIGHT NOW!

Here are just a few "How To" ideas we'd love to see in writing:

  • avoid blisters on your first hike
  • reserve a campsite for your family
  • read a mountain weather forecast
  • hike in the rain
  • hike downhill
  • hike faster
  • efficiently pack a backpack
  • pitch a tent in the rain
  • create a fool-proof packing list
  • light a fire without matches
  • build a fire
  • put on snowshoes
  • make your own freeze dried meals
  • pick your backcountry layering system
  • find the larches
  • pick the right activity for you
  • understand hike difficulty ratings
  • pick the best hike for you
  • wash mud off your boots
  • wash a sleeping bag

Have another idea? Leave it for us in the comments!


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