Leader Resources Seminars - Fall 2016

Join us for an evening to discuss web updates, marketing strategies, and other tips & tricks to help make your programs run more smoothly and engage more people!
Tess Wendel Tess Wendel
Member and Volunteer Support Manager
September 09, 2016
Leader Resources Seminars - Fall 2016

There have been lots of great improvements in leader support over the past few years, so whether you’re a new or seasoned leader, we want to make your life easier by making sure you know what resources are out there for you. Staff will be on tour hosting informational seminars that are certain to be exciting and useful, and make it easier for you to lead trips and courses.

The Seminar

Topics to be covered include:

  • New ways to recruit volunteers
  • Overview of member communications (how you can communicate to your members and participants)
  • Marketing tips for your event, activity or course
  • How routes and places work and why (plus how to add new ones to the website!)
  • Committee tools and webpages
  • New options for scheduling courses
  • Member Privacy – whose info we can give out, when and to whom
  • Handling Difficult Situations and Complaints
  • Getting feedback about your activities (how to find it)
  • Incident reports – how they work

If you have a request for a specific topic to be covered please contact Tess Wendel at tessw@mountaineers.org.  The seminar is heavily focused on online tools so if you have a laptop please bring it with you!

Pizza will be provided if more than 10 leaders pre-register. 

Seminar Dates

Kitsap- November 30- Sign up!

Foothills- Tuesday Dec 13- Sign up!


Tacoma - September 28 
Seattle - Tuesday October  18 
Olympia - October 22
Everett - Wednesday October 19 

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