Explorers hike to Barclay Lake!

The Seattle Explorers group hiked to Barclay lake over the weekend.
Caitlin O'Brien Caitlin O'Brien
April 29, 2014

The Seattle Explorers group, a year round program for youth 10-13, hiked to Barclay lake over the weekend! The forecast called for rain, but we narrowly missed a wet hike.

The day was sunny, the lake was thawed, and a snow capped Baring gloriously stared down at us. We had about 10 folks join us on the 4 mile round trip hike. We stopped for a long lunch, lounged on the warm rocks by a small creek, and took in the views.

Our Explorers program offers youth the opportunity to gain outdoor skills throughout the year. We focus on exposing them to a lot of different skills, and helping them find what they really love about the outdoors. Parents often join us for our outings, and this offers families the opportunity to get out together!

We are looking forward to the next, hopefully dry and warm, outing to go rock climbing!

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