Experience Cuba's Joie de Vivre with Global Adventures

Don't miss your chance to join our Global Adventure to Cuba! You'll experience Cuba's culture, flora and fauna, food, and explore a variety of national parks, nature preserves, world heritage sites, and much more.
Roseanne Lorenzana Roseanne Lorenzana
Global Adventures Leader
March 25, 2024
Experience Cuba's Joie de Vivre with Global Adventures
Photo by Alexander Kunze.

Cuba’s inherent joie de vivre awaits Mountaineers in the upcoming Global Adventures Day Hiking and Naturalist trip (Nov 19 – Dec 4, 2024). The past six decades of Cuba’s political landscape has shaped a people who are generous, gracious, confident, and unreserved, and a landscape that has escaped heavy tourism impacts.

Cuba means “land of abundance” in the Indigenous Taíno language. Indeed, Cuba’s vast plains, palm-tufted mogotes, national parks, and nature reserves support both flora and fauna not found elsewhere in the Caribbean, as well as a diverse agro-economy.

simon-berger-aZjw7xI3QAA-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Simon Berger. 

Gruta batata.webpLa Batata hike – discover Cuba’s underground river and cave system. Image by BRAINY BACKPACKERS

Highlights of this 15-day trip to western Cuba include day-hiking, naturalist activities, birdwatching, cultural visits, UNESCO sites, and sightseeing. With music everywhere, we’ll meet the warm, friendly Cuban people where they live while staying and eating in casa particulares (homestay) accommodations. Our casa particulares will have bath en-suite and air conditioning. 

In keeping with the laid-back pace of this Caribbean island, our pace will also be easy to moderate with opportunities for photographs, soaking in sights and sounds, interacting with our Cuban hosts, nature watching, and - if desired - a cooling plunge into a natural pool. Though easy to moderate, our walks and hikes will still require stamina and agility for safety on the trails, as well as cobbled walkways.

ronny-sison-ykzE718sxFM-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Ronny Sison. 

This Global Adventure will be led by a team of local guides and experts, Mountaineers trip leader Roseanne, and our own 24/7 guide Marcel, Director of LatinAmericaJourneysGuru.

Now is the time to visit before potential changes in U.S.-Cuban policies affect travel. This trip complies with U.S. regulations for travel to Cuba. Roseanne will provide information to help participants fill out the necessary forms for U.S. citizens to legally travel to and enter Cuba, and to comply with OFAC rules while in Cuba and after returning home.

Read more about our Global Adventures trip to Cuba and apply for a spot today. 

Day Hike and explore Cuba with Global Adventures!

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Dave Gertsen
Dave Gertsen says:
Apr 15, 2024 06:10 PM

Sounds like amazing trip and fantastic opportunity.
I would love to be a part of it.