10 Essential Questions: Lindsay Fincher

Meet Lindsay Fincher, a 2-year member who loves glissading: "Who needs Disneyland when you have steep snow and an ice ax?"
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January 01, 2016
10 Essential Questions: Lindsay Fincher

Each week we bring you a personal story from one of our members. For our member profile this week we talked to ....

Name: Lindsay Fincher
Hometown: Palm Desert, CA
Member Since: February 2014
Occupation: Adventure Travel Program Coordinator at REI
Favorite Activities: Hiking, Scrambling, Mountaineering, Snowshoeing, Cross-Country Skiing

10 Essential Questions

How did you get involved with The Mountaineers?

 moved to Seattle four years ago and quickly fell in love with the hiking opportunities here. But I soon realized I had a lot to learn if I wanted to go for higher peaks. I searched for Seattle area climbing clubs/courses and came across The Mountaineers.

What motivates you to get outside with us?

  1. Exploring the "off the beaten path" areas of our beautiful state. I've been on several scrambles where we've only encountered 1-2 (or none) other people and love the feeling that you are truly out in the wilderness;
  2. Camaraderie - I've met some great people in The Mountaineers, and it is a wonderful feeling when your group safely reaches a summit.

What's your favorite Mountaineers memory?

Glissading down Mt. Ruth. Who needs Disneyland when you have steep snow and an ice axe?

Who/What inspires you?

Many of the instructors and fellow members I've met in my courses or on trips. Mountaineers members all have such unique backgrounds and varied experiences in the outdoors; I always come away from an event with more suggestions of hikes/climbs/backpacking trips to add to my constantly growing "to-do" list.

What does adventure mean to you?

Challenging yourself both mentally and physically in an unfamiliar place, and maybe scaring yourself (and learning) a little in the process.

Lightning Round

Sunrise or sunset? Sunset.
Smile or game face? Other: Depends how early in the morning it is.
Desired Superpower? The ability to get a decent night's sleep while crammed in a tent (seriously, I'm awful at it now).
Post-adventure meal of choice? Nachos, bacon cheeseburger, beer, and a DQ Blizzard.
If you could be a rock star at any outdoor activity overnight, what would it be? Backcountry Skiing.

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