A Letter from the Editor

On the occasion of Mountaineers Books' 60th anniversary, our editors have put together a free reading sampler that reflects chapters of some of our favorite books that we’ve recently published, or that will be published later this year. Editor in Chief Kate Rogers joins us to share a few words.
Kate Rogers Kate Rogers
Mountaineers Books Editor in Chief
April 15, 2020
A Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

This month of April marks the 60th anniversary of Mountaineers Books, an independent and nonprofit publisher based in Seattle. For sixty years we’ve been publishing books that educate readers about the outdoors, connect us all to wilderness places, and inspire everyone to find their own outdoor adventures. While we are widely known for our comprehensive and expertly researched guidebooks and instructional texts, we also have an extensive list of award-winning narratives—outdoor adventures, natural histories, biographies, memoirs, and more.

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As we all now face a different kind of “adventure”—that of staying home, keeping our distance inside and out, finding new ways to explore and connect—the staff here is doing what we often do: turning to books. This reading sampler reflects some of our favorite books that we’ve recently published, or that will be published later this year. From the heights of Everest to the backroads of Tuscany, the distant reaches of Hudson Bay to intimate coves along the Inside Passage, the boot-beaten route of the Pacific Crest Trail to the centuries-worn path of the Camino de Santiago, we’ve got a good story to share with you. As author Kelly Brenner writes in her new book Nature Obscura, “Writing is really just a type of camera obscura, a projection of the real world.” With this sampler, and from the shelter of your home, you’ll discover the real world tracks of sled dogs across the tundra as well as the existence of patterns and tufts in garden moss.

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If you enjoy any of the samples collected here, get in touch with your local bookstore to order a copy. Or, head to our website and at checkout, use the discount code TIMETOREAD for 25% off your order. Not only will you get yourself a great book, you’ll also be supporting an independent, nonprofit publisher.

Stay sane, stay healthy, and read well!

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Kate Rogers
Editor in Chief 

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