Donate Gear for Kids!

The Mountaineers is in need of new or gently used gear that we can loan to kids and adults so they can get outside! Gear should be 2010 or newer.
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June 17, 2015
Donate Gear for Kids!

The Mountaineers runs outdoor programs for youth and adults ages 6-99, and we are committed to improving access to the outdoors for everybody. We rely on donations to provide necessary gear so that participants in our programs are able to enjoy the outdoors safely and responsibly. We appreciate you thinking of us!

Note: As of June 2018, we currently have fulfilled our gear requests. Please do not drop gear off without advanced notice. However, if you absolutely want to give away some of your outdoor gear, please email and we will help you give it a new home. 


If you have any of the gear listed below that you would like to donate, our program participants will be very grateful! There are two ways to donate gear:

  1. Drop off gear at the Seattle Program Center during regular business hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, and open until 7pm on Wednesdays.
  2. Email  to arrange a time and location to drop off.

Let us know if you would like an in-kind donation form as a receipt for tax purposes. Thanks for thinking of us!



  • Boots - Waterproof hiking boots in new or very good condition, soft mountaineering boots  in new or very good condition. 
  • Socks - wool and liner socks
  • Gloves - liners, mitts, waterproof gloves
  • Jackets - warm synthetic coats (down is okay too), soft shells, hard shells and fleece (machine-washable only)
  • Pants - hard shells, fleece and wool layers (machine-washable only)
  • Hats - synthetic or machine-washable wool
  • Shirts - synthetic, fleece and wool layers (machine-washable only)

climbing gear

For Safety reasons we do not accept harnesses unless they're brand new (still in the box) - we do accept used climbing pro to use for ground demonstrations

  • Climbing Shoes - WE REALLY NEED KIDS SIZES
  • Ice Axes - aluminum or other lightweight material
  • Snow Shovels - metal preferred
  • Crampons - Semi-automatic universal, 6-point strap-on aluminum or steel with fully adjustable length and anti-balling plates.
  • Pickets and flukes
  • Avalanche probes and beacons - probes should be at minimum 240cm and beacons must have three antennas (i.e. BCA Tracker 2, Tracker 3, Pieps DPS Tour, etc.)

Outdoor Gear 

  • Sleeping Bags - synthetic preferred, down is ok.  -20 to +20 degree rating
  • Sleeping Bag liners
  • Sleeping pads
  • Tents and Bivy Sacks - complete sets with fully functional poles and zippers
  • Stoves - new or almost new (2-burner propane, pocket rocket style isobutane or complete jetboil sets)
  • Water Bottles - wide mouth, stainless steel only (i.e. GSI Glacier DukJug)
  • Water Filters - in working condition
  • Microspikes
  • Backpacks - internal frame only for overnight backpacks with all working buckles and zippers

Paddling Gear

  • Dry Bags - in good condition
  • PFDs - in good condition

Skiing Gear

  • Nordic Skis - waxless, NNN touring bindings only (no BC, 3-pin or SNS bindings please)
  • Nordic Ski Boots - NNN touring only
  • Nordic Ski Poles

The Mountaineers are unable to accept Book Donations - please contact your local library branch instead. Thanks!

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