Don’t let #GivingTuesday pass without giving back

Don’t let this #GivingTuesday pass you by without giving back to the future of our outdoor community. All donations made to The Mountaineers on this global day of giving will go directly to scholarships.
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December 03, 2019
Don’t let #GivingTuesday pass without giving back

One of the key ways we provide equitable access to the outdoors is through donor-funded scholarships. This #GivingTuesday, we are asking for your support to raise $25,000 to provide scholarships to 75 students and ensure that life-changing Mountaineers opportunities are available to all. 

Don’t let this #GivingTuesday pass you by without giving back to the future of our outdoor community. All donations made to The Mountaineers on this global day of giving will go directly to scholarships.

Donate to Support Scholarships

Every year, our community relies on thousands of volunteer instructors to lead hundreds of courses for people to learn to climb, hike, kayak, snowshoe, and more. With nearly 14,000 members seeking ways to learn how to recreate more responsibly, students and volunteers like Elizabeth Ng are stepping up as leaders for other students. Like KD Dase, scholarships are making it possible for Elizabeth to progress as a volunteer instructor with the dream that she too can serve as a mentor for future Mountaineers students, just as the volunteers before her.  

As a PhD student of Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management at the University of Washington,  Elizabeth joined The Mountaineers three years ago seeking to meet other like-minded outdoor recreationists. Inspired by the volunteers and mentors leading her activities and courses, she started volunteering to support Nordic Ski and Avalanche Education as a way to help others learn how accessible backcountry snowtravel can be. 

“The Mountaineers is a unique organization that has the ability to bring technical outdoors pursuits to people who otherwise would not be able to access them. For many, the cost of guide-led classes is not feasible. For others, including myself, there is a huge benefit to having diverse educators as role models.” 

As Elizabeth’s continues her involvement as a volunteer, scholarships are making it possible for her to advance as a climbing instructor.  

“Through the generous scholarship program at The Mountaineers I was able to take Intro to Single Pitch and Rock Rescue 1. It was an amazing experience to learn to lead trad and I feel so much safer and more prepared to travel in technical terrain in the mountains thanks to Rock Rescue. Without the scholarship, it would not have been possible for me to take these two advanced courses on my way to becoming a volunteer climbing instructor. Trad climbing (and leading!) are such different ways of moving and being in the mountains, and I'm incredibly grateful for the skills and community The Mountaineers provide. It is really rewarding to show people a whole new world and that it is so much more accessible than you think.”

“Thank you so much for your generosity! Your donation helped me access training that I otherwise wouldn't be able to. Climbing, skiing, and moving in the mountains are such incredibly important parts of my life, and I'm grateful to The Mountaineers donors and volunteers for providing the opportunity for so many people like me.” 


Courses provide an important entry point for people to build meaningful relationships with the natural world. In recent years, The Mountaineers has partnered with members and donors to offer need-based scholarships to more than 400 students, all of whom would not be able to participate without financial support. 

As #GivingTuesday comes to a close, don’t miss your chance to support the future of The Mountaineers with your gift to scholarships today. We hope you’ll consider making a gift to ensure responsible outdoor education is available to all. 

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How to participate in #GivingTuesday

For questions about setting up your own fundraiser or making a gift please contact Bri Vanderlinden.

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