Discover The Rewards Of Stewardship

Restoring trails and fire lookout towers with us is a great way to see amazing scenery and give back to your community. Learn how you can get involved.
The Mountaineers The Mountaineers
June 20, 2016
Discover The Rewards Of Stewardship
Volunteers on National Trails Day 2014

It's easy to forget that many of our beloved trails and historic structures are maintained by volunteers. The Mountaineers have a long tradition of stewarding these places, and the tradition grows stronger every day - as long as you get involved! Consider being a part of history and join us on a stewardship activity this summer.

Trail maintenance and restoration is critical to our ability to enjoy the outdoors. Have you ever been hiking and noticed the easy travel afforded by a well-built trail? Or struggled mightily through a brushy, muddy, alder-filled bushwack thinking, "This trail needs some serious work"? These conditions - good and bad - are testament to our ability to care for these places we love.

If you've had lunch, watched a sunrise, or spent a thrilling night on the platform of a historic fire lookout tower, you know the value of these outdoor retreats as well. That's why we hope you'll sign up to help us with trail building and restoration projects this summer.

Get Involved

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