Crowdsourcing Park & Ride Information

Are you a Park & Ride user, or are you interested in learning more about Park & Ride locations in Western Washington? Help us gather information about the Park & Ride locations in our area to make our trips better!
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February 25, 2019
Crowdsourcing Park & Ride Information

For many participants in Mountaineers activities, Park & Rides around Western Washington are convenient places to meet. They're a great place to arrange carpools and are often accessible via public transit. With rules varying by location, we're crowd-sourcing info to help everyone understand the implications of using each Park & Ride.

To help our members and guests better utilize Park & Rides, we've created a new Park & Ride Information page to gather details about the rules at Park & Ride locations used most often by our community. We hope that by making this information more accessible to Mountaineers members and guests, more participants and leaders will opt to carpool, taking fewer cars to the trailheads and reducing our collective carbon footprint.

The next time you visit a Park & Ride, please look at the posted signs listing the rules and regulations for that location. Can you park overnight? How many days can you be parked? Any other considerations folks should know about, like the presence of bathrooms or overhead lighting? Write it down (or take a picture), and then take a few moments to fill out our Park & Ride Update Form so we can add more information to our Park & Ride page!

Thanks for helping us reduce our carbon footprint! 

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