How To: Crevasse Rescue

Learn how to set up anchors and a Z-Pulley system to rescue a climber who has fallen into a crevasse
Becca Polglase Becca Polglase
Education Director
February 25, 2015
How To: Crevasse Rescue

When a climber on your rope team yells "Falling!", drop in to self-arrest and stop the fall immediately!  Once the fall is stopped, follow the following steps:

Step 1. Set up a secure anchor system

Step 2. Communicate with the fallen climber

Step 3. Devise a rescue plan.

Step 4. Carry out the plan.


 Crevasse Rescue Safety Precautions

While working to rescue a fallen climber, observe these primary safety considerations:

  • All anchor systems must be absolutely reliable, with backup anchors to guard against failure.
  • All rescuers must be connected to anchors at all times
  • The rescue must proceed as quickly as possible using efficient, thorough execution of every essential step.

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