Register for the Foothills Mentored Backpack Leaders' Course

Our Foothills Mentored Backpack Leader's course is intended to help aspiring backpack leaders receive the support they need to confidently lead backpacking trips with The Mountaineers.
Cheryl Talbert Cheryl Talbert
Backpack Leader and Super Volunteer
January 27, 2024
Register for the Foothills Mentored Backpack Leaders' Course
A happy Mountaineers backpacking group at the Tubal Cain trailhead. Photo by Cheryl Talbert

Are you excited about becoming a backpack leader and giving back to the wonderful Mountaineers leaders who have taken you out, but keep putting it off because you just aren't sure you can do it? The Foothills Mentored Backpack Leaders' course is a new and innovative way to gain confidence leading safe and successful Mountaineers backpacking trips.

In this course, you'll work with experienced mentors to get your leader badge. We will utilize Small Instructional Groups (SIG) to train, model, and practice backpack leadership skills. Students will be assigned one of three groups with a dedicated leader to guide, instruct, and then oversee your mentored-trip.

To gain a leader badge for any Mountaineers activity, you must lead a trip under the supervision of an experienced leader who will vet your abilities to lead a trip, and then recommend a leader badge. This course is a more gentle, instructional, and relational alternative to preparing for and leading mentored-trips that will give qualified backpackers the full support they need to become competent leaders.

The course is open to Foothills branch members who have  experience participating in Mountaineers backpacking trips. There are many benefits of being a Backpack Leader. Take on this challenge to grow and give back to The Mountaineers backpacking community.