Congratulations to our 2020 volunteer award recipients!

The Mountaineers has thousands of amazing volunteers, and each year we recognize about a dozen of those individuals who have gone above and beyond in their service.
Sara Ramsay Sara Ramsay
Volunteer Development Manager
January 28, 2021
Congratulations to our 2020 volunteer award recipients!

This past year was a year like no other, and through it all, our volunteers have remained at the core of our operations. Thank you to the 2,784 members who volunteered their time this year, and to the many others who supported from afar! Each of you has made a difference.

At the turn of every year, it's Mountaineers tradition to recognize a handful of volunteers who have gone above and beyond in support of our programs. This year is no exception. Of the thousands of volunteers who've kept our Mountaineers engine running, we're especially excited to recognize our 2020 Volunteer Award recipients.

And while we're not able to gather for an in-person event to celebrate, we hope you'll join us in congratulating these volunteers with some virtual kudos from a far! We look forward to celebrating all 2020 Volunteer Award recipients at a future in-person event, and we're excited to present our 2020 club-wide award recipients at our 2021 Virtual Gala. Read on to learn more!

Branch Service Awards


To be announced later this spring!


To be announced later this spring!


Karen Wallace

Karen joined The Mountaineers in 2016 and quickly became a powerhouse volunteer. In 2020 she led 15 hiking, scrambling, and snowshoeing trips, and she is a regular instructor at many of our courses. Karen is a prolific volunteer across several Foothills committees, and in 2020 she also joined the Foothills Branch Council as an at-large council member. Karen brings positivity and a can-do attitude to every trip she
leads, keeping it fun and relaxed and encouraging her fellow members to enjoy their time outside. Thank you, Karen!


Christopher Ensor

Chris is a very active and generous volunteer for the Foothills Cross-Country Skiing and Hiking Committees. In addition to leading many trips, Chris works hard to make his trips inclusive and comfortable by providing detailed trip planning to all participants. He is also a willing mentor for both activities, helping to perpetuate our cycle of volunteerism by continually onboarding and supporting new leaders.

Chris is the driving force behind Winter Trails Weekend in the Methow Valley every year, bringing together a large group of Mountaineers to ski, snowshoe, and socialize in Winthrop and beyond. He also keeps an email list to share weekday hikes and ski trips with any interested members, including as many photos from other Mountaineers as he can. Thank you, Chris!



Former Kitsap Branch Chairs Bill Bandrowski and Jerry Logan continue to be the driving force of volunteers that keeps Kitsap thriving!

Bill Bandrowski

Bill had been an Intermediate student in the mid-1980s and, many years later, returned to begin again by going through both the Basic and Intermediate Climbing courses. He is once again an Intermediate student, a climb leader, and also serves as the Branch Treasurer. Bill served as the Kitsap Branch chair and chair-elect from 2018-2020. He is currently leading many climbs, helps extensively with the Alpine Scrambling and Basic Climbing courses, enjoys mentoring new climb leaders, and has been a Super Volunteer for the past three years. Bill is a highly valued member of the Kitsap Branch and is appreciated for all his fantastic contributions. Thank you, Bill!

Bill 2017.jpg

Jerry Logan

Jerry is an Intermediate graduate, climb leader, and the co-chair of the Intermediate Climbing course modules. He also continues to help with Wilderness First Aid and is the Kitsap Branch representative to the Board of Directors. Jerry served as the Kitsap Branch chair from 2017-2019, as the Navigation committee chair from 2015-2018, and has been a Super Volunteer for the last five years. He is a 5th year volunteer with Olympic Mountain Rescue and has participated in many rescues and searches across Washington State. Jerry orchestrated a partnership with Olympic Mountain Rescue and the Kitsap Branch to share the new Kitsap Program Center. He is a highly valued member of the Kitsap Branch and is appreciated for all his tremendous contributions. Thank you, Jerry!

Jerry 2017.jpg



Richard has been a member of The Mountaineers since 1996. He earned Super Volunteer status in four of the last five years, and he is a skilled climber who is active with the club in every season. Richard was the Basic Climbing Chair from 2006-2008, Chairman of Intermediate Climbing from 2010-2020, and served on several branch committees. Other contributions include: Intermediate Climbing Rock Module Leader, Basic Climbing Instructor, and Leader of Alpine Scrambling Seminars for leaders. His nominator described him as "a low profile person... but has been an integral part of our Basic and Intermediate Climbing Course for over 20 years." Thank you, Richard!



To be announced later this spring!


Scott Schissel

Since joining The Mountaineers in 2010, Scott has made impactful contributions to the branch in many ways. He served as the Field Trips Chair for the Basic Climbing Course for many years, having a direct impact on the learning experience for both the students and the instructors in the climbing program. Scott has also served on the Snowshoe Committee, helped instruct in the Scrambling program, and he initiated the formation of the Trail Running Committee, serving as the chair for several years as the activity became established.

In 2020, Scott assumed leadership of the Backcountry Skiing Committee and was instrumental in re-establishing a Backcountry Touring Course in Tacoma, which had been absent for many years. This same year Scott initiated a new Bikepacking Course, the first of its kind in The Mountaineers! The award selection team was struck by the many activity committees in which Scott has had an impact. Thank you, Scott!



THomas hansen

More information about Tom and his many years of service at the Stevens Lodge coming soon. Thank you, Tom!

Clubwide Awards

This year, we're excited to announce and celebrate our annual club-wide award recipients at the 2021 Virtual Gala! This includes:

Please consider joining us for this special event. The Mountaineers typically recognizes our volunteers awards at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. Because circumstances prohibit us from hosting that event this year, we are delighted to shine light on these outstanding individuals and their contributions at this year’s virtual gala. We hope to see you there!

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