Climbing Lecture Series - Nutrition, Altitude, Weather, and Head Trauma

In this new speaker series, sponsored by the Seattle Climbing Committee, learn more about how to stay nourished, safe, and healthy on your next trip into the mountains.
Maria Millsap Maria Millsap
Seattle Climbing Committee
January 07, 2019
Climbing Lecture Series - Nutrition, Altitude, Weather, and Head Trauma

Climbing mountains requires a lot of energy, risk management, and the ability to lean into difficult situations. In this new speaker series, sponsored by the Seattle Climbing Committee, hear from four local outdoor experts in a series of seminars on nutrition, high altitude travel, mountain weather, and dealing with head trauma.

All lectures will be held at the Seattle Program, beginning at 7pm. Lectures are open to members and guests, and we request that you RSVP.

Nutrition for Alpine Climbing - February 27

Interested in boosting your energy in order to reach great views this upcoming alpine season? Tired of the same old restrictive dietary recommendations? Amanda Bullat, registered dietitian and owner of Alpine Nutrition, will explain the benefits of using a non-diet approach to eating real foods and using your intuition around which foods will work best for you on any alpine adventure. Complete with tasty, lightweight suggestions, recipes, and samples, this informative lecture will provide you with the nutritional knowledge of how to completely nourish your body and gain some serious elevation in the mountains! 


Safe Travel at High Altitude - March 5

Altitude illness risk increases steeply anytime you plan to spend appreciable time above 8000 feet altitude. Join in this presentation with local professor and internationally recognized expert in altitude medicine, Dr. Andy Luks from the University of Washington, and learn how to minimize the risk of altitude illness, how to recognize the symptoms in often ambiguous situations, and what to do once you recognize them. 


Mountain Weather - March 21

Learn about mountain weather forecasting for the Washington Cascades and Olympics in this lecture designed specifically for  climbers and scramblers. Michael Fagin, the Operational Meteorologist for West Coast Weather (Washington Online Weather), has provided weather forecasts for many of the Mountaineers members since the 1990’s. Michael will discuss the Puget Sound Convergence Zones, Marine Push, Thermal Trough, Upper Trough, Blocking Ridge, and how these impact our mountain weather. Michael will share his favorite weather web sites and give insight on how certain weather patterns impact popular climbing and scrambling areas.


Head Trauma in the Backcountry - April 17

As Mountaineers, how do we recognize and deal with head trauma in the backcountry? This talk by Dr. Randall Chesnut, a climber and Harborview Neurosurgeon on Head Trauma, is designed specifically for climbers and Mountaineers who would benefit from practical counsel on prevention and in-field treatment. Hear interesting facts about climbing and head trauma from Dr. Randall Chesnut a neuro critical care doctor at Harborview Medical Center.


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