Circumambulating Lake Washington

A group of midweek hikers circumnavigated Lake Washington on foot, enjoying parks, museums, and a stop at the Seattle Program Center all along the way.
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August 16, 2017
Circumambulating Lake Washington

On March 8, 2017, Seattle Hike Leaders Kathy Biever and Julie Miller set out on the first of seven urban hikes to complete a circuit around Lake Washington. Their fun summer journey will be complete on September 6.

Kathy and Julie have been co-leading themed hikes for quite some time. In over a decade, they have led themed urban adventures such as 27 Lively Libraries (5 trips to all 27 Seattle Public Libraries), Clocks and Sundials (3 hikes), Islands (over period of 4 years), Lighthouses (took 3 years), and more! The first “Circumambulating Lake Washington” commenced about 8 years ago and was also completed in 7 segments.

Starting at the tail end of one of the wettest winters on record, this group went out rain or shine. The first hike began at South Day Street Park in Seattle near the I-90 overpass and ended at University Village. Below, the group crosses Yesler Swamp.


The second leg of the trip began at University Village and included a lunchtime stop at The Mountaineers Seattle Program Center.

At the climbing wall - photo by Dan.jpg

We had fun connecting with this group at the staff offices! After drying off, they continued on towards Log Boom Park in Kenmore.


Starting from Log Boom Park in Kenmore, on May 3 the group headed to the forest trails of Saint Edward Park, stopping to visit Bastyr University, which boasts a fine chapel, herb garden, and reflexology path.

St Edwards.jpg

The fourth hike began in early June at the Marina Park in Kirkland and followed a one-way route through public pathways, parks, bird preserves, and historic points of interest.

July and August marked the latest two hikes in this series. First, from the Bellevue Transit Center to the Renton Transit Center while walking through Mercer Slough Nature Park, Newcastle Beach Park, and Coulon Park.bellevueTC.jpg

Just recently, the group made their around Lake Washington from Downtown Renton to Beer Sheva Park via the Kubota Gardens.


Consider joining this group on their last hike scheduled on September 6. You might not be in the running to win one of Kathy and Julie’s special finisher awards, but you’ll be on your way to starting your own circuit around Lake Washington!

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