Check out the Blood Moon with The Mountaineers

Head to Mount Baker with us to experience the Blood Moon and snowshoe under the moonlight!
Richard Lawrence Richard Lawrence
March 09, 2015
Check out the Blood Moon with The Mountaineers

The Blood Moon is making an appearance on April 4, and one of our leaders has planned an amazing weekend adventure for you to get outside and enjoy it.

The Blood Moon is a partial lunar eclipse and the third in a tetrad, a series of four consecutive total lunar eclipses to take place in 2014 and 2015. To celebrate this incredible natural phenomena, our leader Rich Lawrence is offering you an opportunity to to grab your jacket, camera, and snowshoe by moonlight!

Rich has planned his trip to Baker Lodge to see the eclipse in it's fullest. Baker Lodge is secluded enough to be one of the few areas around Puget Sound with very little light pollution. This makes it ideal for celestial views and night photography.

Sign up for Rich's snowshoe trip here and reserve your space at Baker lodge for the whole weekend.

Fun fact:

The next blood moon will be September 28 - which also happens to be a harvest moon - a harvest moon is simply the name for a full moon in autumn.

The moon makes an amazing backdrop for any adventure outing. Have you ever seen the moon look like it does in this video?

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