2016 Incident Charts - September

A look at the September incidents, and at the type of terrain that "attracts" incidents.
David Shema David Shema
Safety Chair
October 11, 2016
2016 Incident Charts - September
Attacking the Snow during Ice Axe Arrest Practice

The data below was extracted from the Safety Incident reports submitted in 2016 (January thru September) by trip leaders and participants. Interpretation of the incident narrative was  done to best categorize the incidents.

A look at incidents reported in September 2016 (only 4), and an examination of  the terrain where incidents occurred in 2016 (it appears that trails are the most dangerous places to be).


Mountaineer Incidents Reported in
September 2016 

 September 2016 incident chart2


2016 Thru September
Major & Significant Incidents, grouped by Terrain

 2016 thru Oct - Terrain vs Major-Signif3


Minor incidents, grouped by Terrain

2016 thru Oct - Terrain vs Minor2


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