Calling all (Snow Vehicle) Mechanics - Meany Lodge

Meany Lodge has a small fleet of vehicles it uses to haul equipment and guests up the lodge and around the campus. If you have expertise that can help us keep these vehicles in tip-top shape, let us know!
Chris Williams Chris Williams
January 01, 2016
Calling all (Snow Vehicle) Mechanics - Meany Lodge

As most experienced Meanyites know, in winter, the only fashionable motorized way into the lodge is with our Sno-Cats. Our veteran, "Tom Cat," hauls equipment and guests. "Moose" is our snow mover, used to make sure we can get to the lodge when the dumps happen. We also have two snowmobiles and an antique Dodge Power Wagon. As with all machines, they need regular repair and maintenance. If you have expertise to lend us in keeping these vehicles running well, we would love to welcome you to Meany Lodge!


Volunteers with mechanical skills in maintaining such equipment can help us maintain and repair these essential machines to ensure guests and visitors are able to access all that Meany has to offer!

Snow vehicle for Meany Lodge"Moose"


Depending on the level of expertise, volunteer mechanics could:

  • Perform simple oil changes and routine maintenance.
  • Repair broken equipment or install new parts. 
  • Perform diagnostic tests and high-level maintenance.
  • Develop a regular maintenance schedule and replacement plan for future machines. 


This can be done on your schedule. Any time spent on the task is welcomed and helps tremendously. 


  • Strong attention to detail and high-quality work
  • Reliability and enthusiasm
  • Mechanical expertise relevant to such equipment


These volunteers will work closely with the Meany Lodge Committee members who will make the work simply delightful!


If you are interested in helping, please contact Contact Chuck Welter via or Patti Polinsky at . We anticipate ongoing needs for help like this, so any and all interest in helping the Lodge is appreciated and we are happy to work around your schedule!



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