We Want to Send Two of Our Leaders to the Wilderness Risk Management Conference

The National Outdoor Leadership School is hosting the 22nd Annual Wilderness Risk Management Conference in October. The Mountaineers are offering two scholarships to our volunteers so they attend the conference!
Chris Williams Chris Williams
August 06, 2015
We Want to Send Two of Our Leaders to the Wilderness Risk Management Conference
2015 WRMC - Portland, OR

The National Outdoor Leadership School's (NOLS) 22nd Annual Wilderness Risk Management Conference will be held in Portland this October. The conference is an invaluable source of training and professional development and The Mountaineers would like to send two of its most invested and engaged volunteers. Please consider applying and/or forwarding this opportunity on to the Mountaineer Leader you would love to see bring this information back to our programs!

What is the WRMC?

The Wilderness Risk Management Conference (WRMC) is organized by NOLS, Outward Bound, and the Student Conservation Association (SCA) each year and provides professional development and training opportunities for those who consider themselves "wilderness practitioners." It's stated goals are to:

This year, the event will be in Portland, Oregon from Oct. 14-16, 2015. There are also pre-conference sessions on Oct. 12-14, 2015 (however we aren't paying for anyone to attend the pre-conference events). This scholarship will include the cost of attendance and lodging at the hotel if it is necessary. 

Check out the schedule and topics here. 

Please consider applying to have The Mountaineers pay to send you to the WRMC this year. Preference will be given to those who meet the following conditions: 

  • Documented track record of engagement and leadership in Mountaineers programs. 
  • Availability to attend all three days of the conference (it takes place during the work week: Wednesday through Friday). 
  • Involvement in Safety Committee or other risk management work at The Mountaineers
  • The two recipients are associated with different branches of The Mountaineers.
  • A stated commitment  to promote and share the knowledge and lessons learned at the WRMC in the recipient's Mountaineer community (to spread the knowledge throughout our membership!). 

If you would like to apply, explaining why you would make the best candidate for this investment, taking into consideration and addressing the factors stated above. In consultation with a panel of volunteers helping to plan this year's Fostering Leadership Conference and members of the Managing Committee, we would be proud to consider your application. Applications must be received by August 30th! We anticipate selecting the recipients of this scholarship by September 20th at the latest.  All volunteers are encouraged to apply!

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