Bucket List: Section Hike Oregon on the PCT - Webinar June 20

We're hosting a Mountaineers Books Web Series beginning on Tuesday, June 20. Join us for Episode 1 with Eli Boschetto, author of the new book "Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail: Oregon".
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June 14, 2017
Bucket List: Section Hike Oregon on the PCT - Webinar June 20

Mountaineers and friends are invited to join a free webinar, Tuesday, June 20, 7pm. Get tips for starting what for many is a bucket list item: hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) across your state. The presenter for this online event is Eli Boschetto, author of the new book, Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail: OregonEli will talk about how to plan to section hike the Oregon length of the PCT, but his tips will be relevant to anyone planning  to hike the Washington PCT, too.

Hiking the PCT across your state in sections is a worthy, fun, and satisfying goal that even busy hikers with only weekends and limited vacation time can achieve over time.


This is the first webinar in the Mountaineers Books Web Series, which plans to offer a new topic monthly. The webinar will run for 30 minutes, followed by questions and answers. Even if you can’t attend the live event, you are welcome to register and the recorded presentation will be emailed to you for listening whenever you wish.

About Author Eli Boschetto

Eli Boschetto spent four years hiking and meticulously researching the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon in order to develop the most complete and comprehensive Oregon PCT resource available. Eli has been a professional trail writer and photographer for more than a decade, including serving as a Northwest correspondent for Backpacker, and as the editor and art director for Washington Trails. Eli lives in Portland, OR, and is currently at work on two new hiking guides for the Portland and Mount Hood regions. Learn more at PCToregon.com.

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