Bucket list adventure: Hike the Camino Frances to Santiago and the Galician Coast in Spain

Hike the Camino Frances with Global Adventures this summer! This trip provides a unique opportunity for personal growth, self-discovery, and reflection, and participants will earn a “Compostela” certificate to commemorate their journey.
Linda Shewey Linda Shewey
Global Adventures Leader
March 12, 2024
Bucket list adventure: Hike the Camino Frances to Santiago and the Galician Coast in Spain

The Camino Frances is the most popular and well-traveled route of the Camino de Santiago passing through variety of terrains, including mountainous regions, rolling hills, and flat plains, as well as urban and rural settings, historic towns, and charming villages. 

Join us from May 27 — Jun 9, 2024 on an adventure you wont want to miss. We will hike along the last 100km of the Camino Frances pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela, and beyond to the sea through the coastal paths in Galicia. Along the way, we will experience the diverse landscapes, rich history, and culture of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. 


The last 100km route begins in Sarria, Spain and follows the well-marked route (yellow arrows and scallop shell symbols) to Santiago de Compostela. 

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Official stops along the way enable participants to stamp their Pilgrim’s Passport and upon reaching Santiago de Compostela, receive a “Compostela” certificate. Hikers will continue west on the Camino Finisterre to the “end of the world” on the Atlantic coast and north along the scenic Galician coast to the fishing village of Muxia, famed for its picturesque “sanctuary of the Virgin” by the ocean and ‘magic’ stones.


Along this designated European Cultural Route, numerous architectural marvels, historical sites, and local traditions can be witnessed.  Hike leader, Linda Shewey, visited Santiago in 2014 and says that the other cultural activities, such as touring Madrid, watching Flamenco dance performances, experiencing the Botafumiero ceremony, mass at the Cathedral of St. James, and tapas tours in Santiago are not to be missed.


Day hikes are of moderate to very strenuous difficulty, with comfortable in-suite lodging in the evening.

See the  full itinerary  and register today to join this bucket list adventure!

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