Borrow gear and get outside with The Mountaineers Gear Library!

The Mountaineers Gear Library is now open to all members. Learn what the Gear Library offers and how to use it. Then, gear up and get outside!
Hannah Tennent Hannah Tennent
Youth Outreach Coordinator
February 19, 2021
Borrow gear and get outside with The Mountaineers Gear Library!
Elaine Kelly

Since 2018, The Mountaineers Gear Library has supported youth, lending out everything from cross-country skis so students can glide under snow-covered trees to tents for camping on the Peninsula. While these trips have been successful, we believe our gear can do more.

Continuing to support youth groups, we also want to provide gear for individuals, families, and organized adult groups. Gear can be expensive, and not owning the right stuff prevents people from exploring the incredible natural areas our state has to offer.

Inspired by our mission, we are excited to announce that the Gear Library is now open to all Mountaineers members! Let us outfit your next Mountaineers course field trip or personal adventure with high-quality clothing and gear.

Available Gear 

Hiking, car camping, and backpacking gear is available for every member. Enjoy a personal or family trip with our warm and waterproof layers, Coleman stoves, and industry-leading backpacks, among other items. Currently, snowshoe and cross-country skis are only available to members who hold a badge allowing them to participate in snowshoe and ski trips. This include current students in courses. Our clothing sizes range from youth 8 to adult XXXL. 

Peruse the inventory 

how to Become a Gear Library Cardholder

If you're interested in borrowing equipment, here’s how to make it possible:

  1. Attend a virtual orientation so that you can learn how to request, pick up, and care for the gear. It’s also a good time to ask questions!
  2. Once you're sure the program fits your needs, you’ll need to become a Mountaineers member if you aren’t one already. Guest members have the same access to the Gear Library as other members do.
  3. Sign a waiver and register at the appropriate level, whether that’s a personal, family, or organizational user. Each level has an attached fee that supports the operation of the Gear Library. However, the mission of the Gear Library is to make outdoor recreation more accessible and our priority is making sure that everyone can become a cardholder, regardless of ability to pay. 

 Attend an upcoming online orientation

Success Stories

Members are already taking advantage of what the Gear Library has to offer. Mountaineers member Liane Lau, an "outdoor enthusiast by day, registered nurse by night" decided to get into ski mountaineering. 

"I usually think of a big idea and work backward towards that goal. Step 1: Learn to ski. Step 2: Take an AIARE class. Step 3: Refresh on mountaineering skills" shared Lau. To accomplish Step 1, she signed up for both downhill and cross-country ski classes. "I figured if I was going to be a beginner at skiing, it would be okay to learn both," said Lau. However, when she looked to rent Nordic skis, every rental store she found was sold out. Then her Everett Nordic class instructor sent an email out about the Gear Library. "I reserved and rented a cross-country ski package for all three of my classes. It is just like the local library... The Gear Library is a great opportunity to rent gear at an affordable price while trying out a new sport," said Lau. 

There are so many reasons to utilize the Gear Library, and we hope one resonates with you. Whether you want to try out a tent before buying your own or you're leading a group hike and want to easily provide everyone with high-quality footwear, the Gear Library is here for you. Contact us at to learn more. 

Gear up and get out!

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