Board Retreat at Mt. Baker Lodge a Success!

In November, our Mountaineers Board retreated to our scenic Mt. Baker Lodge to discuss the future of The Mountaineers, and how we can work together to get more enthusiasts outside. And to play in all the new snow!
Elizabeth Lunney Elizabeth Lunney
December 21, 2015
Board Retreat at Mt. Baker Lodge a Success!

I never understood why they call it a retreat when we made so much progress! -- Evelyn Dudey, Mountaineers Board Member.

Each year, the 22 members of our Mountaineers Board of Directors attend a 2-day retreat to think strategically about the future of our club. This November, the Board, along with members of our senior staff, 'retreated' to the iconic Mt. Baker Lodge. We enjoyed productive and positive discussions, amazing hospitality, and a fresh blanket of white snow.

The Board had a number of goals for the retreat, including an examination of governance and best practices for decision making, as well as a review of the strategic plan. But most important was the remote, relaxing setting. Snowbound in a mountain lodge, the Board enjoyed in-depth discussions and friendly revelry while the snow continued to fall. And fall some more.

We are happy to report a productive meeting. The board affirmed its commitment to our strategic plan, agreeing that we need to rally, unite and achieve a path for outdoor adventure, education and exploration that will carry us through the 21st century. 

We also want to say a HUGE thank you to our volunteers at the Baker Lodge, who gave their time to help make this getaway a success. They fed us, gave us a place to sleep, and provided a space to dry our clothes after we played in the snow. Thank you!

Hear from our Board members:

Lorna Corrigan

I had a great time at the board retreat because we enjoyed super hospitality at the Baker Lodge, had focused discussion with the board and with staff members in attendance, and because we had additional time in which to socialize together and just enjoy being Mountaineers together.

Geoff Lawrence

Something about getting away from the normal environment of engagement in institutional halls and convening in an environment representing our raison d’etre, freshens the spirit, enlivens discourse and reaffirms a commitment to do what we do. The appearance of deep, fresh snow is at once a reminder of the beauty and power of nature, and an inspiration for possibility and potential. Glad we did it!  


It was a great meeting.  The board made some significant decisions enabling The Mountaineers to implement some new projects and programs in the future that help get enthusiasts outside!

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