Black Diamond Runner and Carabiner Recall

If you use Black Diamond runners or carabiners now is the time to check your gear!
Tess Wendel Tess Wendel
February 04, 2016
Black Diamond Runner and Carabiner Recall


Although no safety incidents have been reported, Black Diamond has issued a voluntary recall for a number of their carabiners and nylon runners. 

The inspection procedure is on the Black Diamond site and they are offering new product free of charge if the gear does not pass the inspection.

Check your gear regularly!

This is an excellent opportunity to go through your ALL your climbing gear and inspect it for wear and tear. Things to watch for:


  • Nicks or sharp edges and grooves on carabiners can damage your rope and also indicate biner strength may be compromised. 
  • Check to make sure biners are closing easily and fully. A biner is strongest when it is closed and you don't want to be using biners that don't easily close.
  • Sluggish cam triggers or uneven camming.
  • Belay devices like biners can establish sharper edges and grooves from wear.

Soft goods

  • Ratty looking quickdraw or alpine slings. Remember UV light significantly effects soft goods. 
  • Feel your rope for irregularities and inspect the sheath. If your rope seems to be losing elasticity (and feels stiffer), it's probably time to retire.
  • Check your cordellete or other prussik cords for irregularities, fuzz, or signs of wear.
  • Check harnesses, especially the belay loop, for signs of wear. A little fuzz is okay but more means it may be time for a new harness.
  • Helmet manufacturers recommend replacing helmets every 3-5 years, but if yours shows signs of cracking or age, replace it! Don't forget to check out straps and attachment points. 

Here is the image from the BD runner recall that helps you identify faulty product. Don't forget to go back and make sure your gear isn't a part of it. 

BR runner recall 2016

Stay safe out there!


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