BeWild with Brendan Leonard - June 18

Join us on June 18 for a virtual BeWild event with Mountaineers Author and writer Brendan Leonard. He'll share stories covering the history of Semi-Rad
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May 29, 2020
BeWild with Brendan Leonard - June 18

Brendan Leonard bought the url for $29 in 2011, intending to write a weekly post about adventure for a year and see what happened. Almost nine years later, his writings on are read by half a million people each year, and even more in his Semi-Rad column for Outside magazine.

His new book, Bears Don't Care About Your Problems, is a collection of the best Semi-Rad stories since 2011, with all-new, color illustrations. At this June 18 virtual BeWild, Brendan will tell stories covering the history of Semi-Rad, which started as one guy cracking jokes about the outdoors on a small blog, and is still really just one guy cracking jokes, but for a few more readers, along with other stories from his life. 

What can people expecy on June 18?

"I call the show "motivational stand-up comedy"—the show parallels the arc of the book, but it's almost entirely different material, and told in a less serious manner. Since it's in front of a live audience, it's intended to inspire the folks in attendance to relate the story to their own story, immediately.

"The first time I did the show, a few people in the crowd took photos of the final five slides in the presentation, which is what I was hoping would happen—that they'd take the message with them. It will be fun. Please buy a ticket, log in, and be prepared to laugh."

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A Zoom link and password will be emailed to the email provided at ticket purchase on June 18 at 5pm PST.

  • Show Starts at 7pm
  • Single Attendee $14* | Per Household (2+) $21*

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About Brendan Leonard

Brendan is the creator of, an author, and filmmaker. He has directed and codirected several award-winning adventure films, including How To Run 100 Miles, Chocolate Spokes, Ace and the Desert Dog, and Frank and the Tower. He’s a columnist for Outside magazine and a contributing editor at Adventure Journal, and his writing has appeared on and in Runner’s World, Climbing, Alpinist, Men’s Journal, Backpacker, Adventure Cyclist, and dozens of other publications. His other books include Sixty Meters to Anywhere and The Great Outdoors: A User’s Guide.

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