BeWild: The Amazing Night Sky

Learn to shoot the beauty of the night sky like a pro.
Lace Thornberg Lace Thornberg
April 29, 2015
BeWild: The Amazing Night Sky

Join us on May 19 for the next event in the BeWild Series for more of the great adventure stories you’ve come to expect and enjoy. This time, you’ll leave with the tips and techniques you need to take stunning photographs in the dark.

Photographing after the sun has set and before sunrise offers a whole new world of images and photographic opportunities. We often think it is too dark to photograph the landscape but the camera can pick up the subtle light that our eyes do not see. The seemingly infinite darkness of the night is lit by the stars and planets.

Jennifer Wu, photographer and co-author of Photography: Night Sky will show you how to photograph the stars, the Milky Way, meteors, the full moon and the crescent moon. Find out how to make long exposures for star trails and for photographing the ocean surf for a wispy effect. Learn about the quality of light at night and to use light in your photographs.

Jennifer will take you on a visual journey through of the night sky in time-lapse movies you will surely enjoy. This inspiring and entertaining presentation is a must see for anyone interested in photographing the moon, twilight, star trails, the Milky Way and night sky.

Plus, Kenmore Camera will be on hand to answer your camera gear questions.

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About the Presenter

Jennifer Wu has become renowned for her ability to capture nighttime phenomena, from quarter-phase moon rises to shooting stars to the ephemeral Milky Way. She is the co-author of Photography Night Sky, published by Mountaineers Books. Her images, featured in numerous magazines and books, have won a wide variety of prestigious awards, and she serves  as Canon “Explorer of Light” ambassador. Whenever she is not on nature expeditions in beautiful locations in the world, she exhibits her images at nationally recognized galleries and art shows. She lives in Sacramento, California. You can learn more about her at

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