Benefits to a Pow Stay at Stevens Lodge

Benefits about when you stay at our Stevens Lodge. When it's dumping pow, they're even better!
Angela Krisinger Angela Krisinger
Stevens Lodge Host
December 28, 2016
Benefits to a Pow Stay at Stevens Lodge
Just another POW week at Stevens...

When you're a skier in Washington state, one thing is certain: the rare Pow Day is reason to call in sick ("white fever" anyone?)! Your friends at Stevens Lodge have a few ways to optimize that Winter Storm Warning that you've been reading about all week!

Check out the benefits below, and if you're new to Stevens Lodge take a gander at our Lodge Newbie Guide.

arrive Friday night to easy parking!

How many times have you been driving to Stevens for a Pow Day and end up getting an alert that the summit lots at Stevens are full? That's not going to happen to you - not this time! 

If you stay the weekend at Stevens Lodge, the parking lots are pretty open on Friday nights. Just drive up to Lot 4, sled your things to the cabin, and enjoy a relaxing night by the fire. Saturday morning, as cars line up to get into the parking lot, you'll be wrapping up a hot breakfast or enjoying your coffee.

A built-in dryer in at your disposal!

Some times some epic pow days can result in some soaked gear. For the kids in the family, there is nothing worse than wet gloves. At Stevens Lodge, our drying room will take care of that problem. When you come home for lunch, your gear will be toasty warm by the time you head back out!

Avoid the lines and the expense of the restaurants

Sure, it's great to give the ski area your business when it comes to dining. But in reality, on a Pow Day, the lines for the pizza or cafeterias are super long and the wait for a table is at least an hour. Luckily, the lodge has a full kitchen at your disposal! Bring lunch fixings and clean up after yourself and lunch becomes a nice and easy respite instead of chaos.

Night skiing, night skiing, night skiing

While everyone else is fighting the Highway 2 traffic, you've been able to ski home, have a cold one by the fire, enjoy a meal that is included in your stay, and head back out for some night skiing laps! Skyline Chair can get you to the trail home and it's an easy dart through the trees to land back at the cabin.  It's not unusual for guests to spend a few hours recharging in the afternoon before heading out after dinner.

Highway 2 Avalanche Control

It's only happened a few times, but those were glorious days... The DOT shuts down Highway 2 for avalanche control but the ski area is still open for business. Imagine having the entire mountain with only a couple of hundred people!

See you NOW!

The next time you hear "Winter Storm Warning," for the Cascades, quickly book your spot at Stevens Lodge for an epic pow experience! 

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