Bellingham Branch Leadership Opportunities

The Bellingham Branch Leadership is turning over and there is an opportunity for you to step in and bring fresh ideas and energy to the Bellingham community. You don't need to have been a member for very long or even have experience leading a committee; just a passion for The Mountaineers and the ability to listen and solve problems.
Minda Paul Minda Paul
October 23, 2014
Bellingham Branch Leadership Opportunities
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There are three positions still needed to round out the Branch Council and all of them require the following: 


  • Commitment to the branch and organization vision
  • Positive personal outlook
  • Being someone who follows through on commitments while avoiding personal over-commitment
  • Good listening and communication skills and an ability to relate to a broad range of personalities
  • An ability to facilitate communication across a broad range of activities and Mountaineer stakeholders
  • Time to attend 1-3 meetings per month depending on position and personal work-style

Each situation and opportunity is different. No previous experience in this kind of role is required. Apply for one - or all - of the following, your branch needs you!

Branch Chair

The Branch Chair coordinates and leads the Bellingham Branch’s efforts, in concert with the broader organization, in serving its membership so that the Branch provides safe and inspiring activities, courses, and volunteer experiences that allow all members to share a passion of the outdoors to help people explore, conserve, learn about and enjoy the lands and waters of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.


The Chair-Elect collaborates with the Branch Chair to motivate, lead, and support the activities of the branch and its volunteers and serves as a point of contact for activity committee chairs. He or she also facilitates and enables communication between the branch and staff, supports appropriate new member ventures and initiatives and leads efforts to maintain a positive and collaborative culture, support volunteers, and ensure that annual activities have adequate leadership and planning. 

Conservation Chair

The Conservation Chair works to ensure that the branch protects the places that inspire, excite and challenge us and to help leave them better than when we arrived by engaging in stewardship, education and advocacy actions.

Support and Reporting

Each position works with a committee of dedicated and friendly Branch Council members who share a love of The Mountaineers and work together as a team. In addition, Mountaineers staff are available to answer questions and support anyone in the position.

How to Apply

To be considered, please contact Minda Paul at . All members with sincere interest and realistic time to commit to these roles are encouraged to apply! 

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