Become a Youth Volunteer - Oct 13 Orientation & Dinner

Attend the Seattle Youth Clubs Volunteer Orientation this fall to learn how to become involved with the year-round outdoor clubs for youth of the Seattle Branch. Catered dinner and refreshments will be provided, questions will be answered, and your interest will be piqued!
Carl Marrs Carl Marrs
Associate Youth Program Manager, Clubs
September 29, 2021
Become a Youth Volunteer - Oct 13 Orientation & Dinner
Students of MAC and volunteer Krystian Walec on the lower Easton Glacier for a MAC snow field trip. By Brendan Connolly, MAC parent

Did you know that The Mountaineers has year-round outdoor adventure clubs for youth? At the Seattle branch, there are five different clubs broken up by age for youth ages 6 through 18: Pathfinders for 6-7 year olds; Nomads for 8-9 year olds; Explorers for 10-11 year olds; Junior MAC for 12-13 year olds; and MAC (Mountaineers Adventure Club) for 14-18 year olds.

Each month, youth from these clubs go on outdoor trips supported by a variety of Mountaineers staff, volunteers, and parent chaperones. Trips include everything The Mountaineers community is familiar with – climbing, skiing, hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, camping, and more.

As the clubs have grown in size, so too has our need for volunteer support. With almost 100 students and their families involved, we have trips and activities happening almost every weekend of the year. We also offer numerous field trips and meetings, where members learn important skills such as belaying, navigation, first aid, and for the students of MAC, more advanced climbing skills like multi-pitch and crevasse rescue. In order to maintain the momentum and growth we’ve seen over the last several years, we need your help!


This fall, the youth clubs will be hosting a series of volunteer orientations designed to educate interested Mountaineers on how to become involved with the youth clubs. We will cover what we require of our volunteers, what opportunities are available, how we run our trips, and answer any questions you have. We will be looking to find folks willing to step up and lead trips for the youth clubs starting as soon as this winter. These meetings are intended to be an open call and first contact for anyone looking to make an impact on youth and have a great time doing so. 

Wednesday, October 13 from 6-8pm will be our first orientation. A catered dinner and refreshments will be provided. Our agenda will feature a 30-minute starting at 5:30pm, followed by a brief presentation and a Q&A session. Current volunteers are encouraged to attend to provide perspective for prospective volunteers. 

RSVP for the orientation

What do Volunteers do? 

There is an incredible variety of ways you can get involved with our Youth Programs - that's one of the reasons why we're holding an orientation! Regardless of your preferred activity, we feel confident that there's something you can teach to our Mountaineers youth. Engagement can vary from one-time presentations to going on regular trips with our clubs, and everything in between. 

Previous volunteer participation has included trips in the field, skills workshops, or one-time presentations on climbing, backpacking, skiing, Northwest flora and fauna, astrology, and much more! 

Present on a favorite topic at our youth club meetings

Can't wait for our orientation? Starting in October, we will hold two monthly Youth Club Meetings where we teach youth about an outdoor topic, and we're looking for presenters! With one meeting for Pathfinders and Nomads (ages 6-9) and a second for Explorers and Jr. MAC (ages 10-13), you have the opportunity to share your knowledge with kids of all ages. 

Our Youth Field Coordinator Katy Snyder would be available as a resource to help with lesson planning, resource gathering, and answering questions. Reach out to Katy at if you're interested in educating the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts. Meetings will be held at our Seattle Program Center from 6-8pm. 

Upcoming Meetings

  • Oct 6 - Explorers & Jr. MAC
  • Oct 26 - Pathfinders & Nomads 
  • Nov 3 - Explorers & Jr. MAC
  • Nov 30 - Pathfinders & Nomads 

Volunteer Testimonials 

Take a look at some testimonials from folks who have volunteered with youth in the past: 

“As a parent, the Mountaineers youth programs are easily my favorite kid activity.  The kids build confidence while learning new skills, get outdoors and make new friends in a fun and inclusive environment.  The kids love it too, which makes it easy.”
-Matt Davey, Explorers/Pathfinders parent and volunteer leader

"My family first began participating in the Mountaineers youth programs because my daughter joined its Explorers group. Today, she's a member of the Mountaineers Adventure Club. I've learned as a volunteer that the youth in these programs are equally as smart and capable as adult Mountaineers, and they are often more enthusiastic, conscientious, and humble. I tell all of my friends in The Mountaineers to try volunteering for its youth programs, because I'm certain that once they've had this experience, they'll be hooked. I encourage every Mountaineer who enjoys volunteering, or is thinking about giving back to the club as a volunteer, to sign up to help with a youth program hike, climb, ski, or scramble. There's nothing to lose, and a tremendous amount to gain."
-Matt Swenson, MAC volunteer and parent

“Supporting MAC is one of the most joyful things I do as a Mountaineers volunteer. The kids are so smart, capable, and enthusiastic... it's an absolute blast to spend time with them. The MAC xc ski weekend each January is one of the highlights of my winter.” – Carry Porter, MAC volunteer and Mountaineers ski leader

“My daughter has blossomed in this program, finding new courage and confidence to try hard things. She loves learning outdoor skills from someone other than her parents!”
-Jenne Pierce, Pathfinder parent

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Elise Willis
Elise Willis says:
Aug 01, 2021 07:08 AM

We can’t wait to be back with youth programs! I’m interested in volunteering with my daughter’s group (explorers) but also available for additional groups, especially to teach climbing.