Become a hike or backpack leader for the Mountaineers!

Many experienced hikers and backpackers have found great personal satisfaction and growth and new trail companions by becoming a Mountaineers hike or backpack leader. This evening seminar provides some basic information and leadership training for those interested in taking this path.
Cheryl Talbert Cheryl Talbert
January 02, 2016
Become a hike or backpack leader for the Mountaineers!

My own Mountaineers leadership story started with a search for trail companions. I was seeking a compatible group on the types of hikes and backpacks that interested me. Then, one day, I took a new arrival from China on his first hike, and I saw the joy and wonder blossom on his face when Mount Rainier emerged in all her glory behind a ridge covered with meadow wildflowers. That was it, I was hooked.

You enjoy many rewards as an activity leader with The Mountaineers - from setting your own trip dates, location and difficulty, to the joy of teaching and watching others start a lifetime of loving the outdoors, to giving back to a great organization, to developing one's own personal leadership skills. A great way to start creating these experiences is as a hike or backpack leader!

If you are an experienced hiker or backpacker who has good basic competency in recognizing and handling mountain hazards, dealing with basic emergency and first aid situations, navigating on complex trail systems, and an affinity for planning, communication and safety-focused outdoor adventure with a group, our evening seminar can help you take that last step to become a certified Mountaineers hike or backpack leader.

The seminar will include:

  • and overview of basic Mountaineers standards
  • protocols and guidance to lead a safe and enjoyable hike or backpack
  • considerable time in small-group discussion with long-time leaders about common safety and people leadership challenges encountered on hikes and backpacks.

We conclude with demonstration of the use of the Mountaineers website to post activities, find information about participants, manage your roster and record trip results. We also provide instructions for how to choose the right committee and set up your first trip  with an experienced mentor - the final step to becoming approved as a leader (some branches may have additional training requirements).  

Hike or backpack leading is a great way to start your leadership journey, whether your final interest is to lead simple local hikes or multi-day climbing expeditions.  

Register here for our next seminar or contact Cheryl Talbert, Foothills Hike and Backpack Chair, at with questions! Our next seminar will be on Feb 11, 2016 at the Mercer Island Library. Start your own leadership journey now!

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Seminars are held every month except January and July-August, alternating between Seattle and East Side locations.  
This class meets the leadership seminar requirement for hike or backpack leadership regardless of your branch.