Be An Outdoor Ambassador: How To Implement Low-Impact Recreation Skills

Use the skills in these videos to become an Outdoor Ambassador: someone who is mindful of your impact on our wild places, and who follows the ethics of leave no trace to preserve our outdoor playgrounds for generations to come.
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July 06, 2016
Be An Outdoor Ambassador: How To Implement Low-Impact Recreation Skills

At The Mountaineers, we've believe venturing into the outdoors is an essential piece of the human experience. We go outside to wander and explore the adventurous spirit within ourselves. It's important to implement low-impact recreation skills to keep our wild places as sanctuaries for the human spirit; so our grandchildren can experience the sensation of discovering an untouched place.

Take a look at these short clips to learn - or review - simple ways to have lessen your impact on the wild places where we love to recreate:


While traveling in backcountry areas - whether it be hiking, skiing, climbing, paddling, or running - following simple low-impact skills keep our trails from growing wider and reduce our impact on vegetation. Trail etiquette is also an important part of the shared outdoor experience.


We all need fuel for our active time in nature. Watch and learn techniques to help you stay fed outdoors while not impacting others. 


When camping - whether at an established site or in the backcountry -  implementing these tips helps preserve existing sites and protects pristine areas.

Using the Bathroom

When you spend multiple days in the backcountry, nature will call and you should be prepared to answer. Learn more!

Thank YOu

Thank YOU for watching these videos, and incorporating the low-impact skills into your adventures. And of course thank you to our amazing volunteers who agreed to share their talents to support our mission yet again.

These videos were made possible in part by a KEEN Effect grant. This project was also made possible by matching grants from the Mountaineers Foundation and Lucky 7 Foundation. We are grateful to these organizations for making it possible for us to expand on our Backcountry Impact Series program, translating  Leave No Trace Ethics into the low-impact recreation skills highlighted in these videos. 

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Like what you see? These videos were created by Mike Short, whose talents have supported many of our outreach efforts over the years. You can learn more about him at and on his vimeo channel