2nd Annual Baker Lodge Summer Weekend - Aug 9-11

Join the Seattle Photography and Naturalists Committees for a weekend of fun activities, building connections with new people and places, and tons of delicious food.
Anita Elder Anita Elder
Seattle Photography Committee Chair & Super Volunteer
July 03, 2019

The photography and naturalists committees are teaming up again this year for our second annual at Baker Lodge. Last year was so much fun, in spite of the rainy weather, so we're doing it again! This is a great opportunity to share our love of the outdoors together and develop an enhanced sense of connection, and we hope you'll join us!

To participate in the weekend activities, you will want to sign up to stay at Baker lodge for all, or part, of the weekend.



Dinner for Friday night, lunch for Saturday& Sunday, sleeping bag/pillow, beverages, and toiletries.


  • Friday, August 9 - Arrive by 7pm or later. Bring your own dinner. Participate in activities as desired.
  • Saturday, August 10 - Breakfast and dinner supplied (bring your own lunch). Participate in activities as desired.
  • Sunday, August 11 - Breakfast supplied (bring your own lunch). Participate in activities as desired.

Now, register for activities:

Photography Activities

Friday, August 9 - Astro-photography at Artist Point (this is not a hike, but a location to take photos of the night sky).
77deab6e-5539-48b0-a460-a7622c1ff4f8.jpegRegister for Artist Point


Saturday, August 10 - Photo hike along part of Chain Lakes Loop to Ptarmigan Ridge.
Register for Ptarmigan Ridge


Saturday, August 10Astro-photography at Artist Point (this is not a hike, but a location to take photos of the night sky).
77deab6e-5539-48b0-a460-a7622c1ff4f8.jpegREGISTER FOR ARTIST POINT


Sunday, August 11Photograph the sunrise at Picture Lake with Mt. Shuksan reflected on the water. 
da58829c-7dfb-4c3d-8a51-d1432f5335d6.jpegRegister for Picture Lake


Naturalist Activities:

Friday, August 9The flowers should be primo and the views splendid, even up into Canada. This is a naturalist hike so we hike slowly and stop for flowers and other natural splendors.

Register for Skyline Divide


Saturday, August 10This hike will begin near The Mountaineers lodge and is the middle of 3 hikes to explore the mount baker area fauna, flora, and geology.

Register for Chain Lakes Loop


Sunday, August 11This strenuous hike provides views, flowers and lovely water features, going through several elevation zones with wide ecological diversity. The lakes below the butte are like pearls on a skein, as close to heaven as we can get.

Register for Yellow Aster Butte