Backpackers' Pajama Parties are Back

Join us for our 2022 series of the Backpackers' Pajama Parties, offering in-depth information on incredible local trails to inspire your next adventure.
Cheryl Talbert Cheryl Talbert
Foothills Backpacking Committee Chair
December 19, 2021
Backpackers' Pajama Parties are Back
Kathleen Neves

Grab your Zoom pants and slippers, a favorite beverage, and some popcorn! Our 2022 Backpackers' Pajama Party series is back by popular demand, and we're excited about the lineup of stunning backpacking trips that will be presented this winter to feed your backpacking dreams!

Held on Friday evenings, these events include extensive photo journals from each trip as well as detailed trip beta and guidance to help you plan your own trip.

Our 2022 series will begin Friday, January 21 and will continue with bi-weekly events as long as we have interested speakers to present. Presentations are typically one hour with time for a Q&A after. All events are held via Zoom, presented by backpackers from The Mountaineers community, and open to the public.

Upcoming events

January 21 | Kathleen Neves
10 days on the Wonderland Trail
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February 4 | Sheila Reynolds
Northern tier of trails in Mount Rainier National Park
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February 18 | Dick Lambe
Five-passes loop in Olympic National Park

March 4 | Brian Talbert
Two iconic routes in the Olympics - the Ozette Triangle and the Enchanted Valley

March 18 | David Burdick 
275 miles of trails in the Olympics and Northern Cascades

*Note: Not all events are currently posted to the website. Stay tuned for event links to the scheduled presentations. To attend, you must obtain a ticket by following the link in the event listing. 

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Want to present on your adventures for a future Backpackers' Pajama Party? Reach out to Cheryl Talbert for more information.

Lead image by Kathleen Neves.