Award-winning Books

Conservation and sustainable lifestyle titles from Mountaineers Books win four book awards.
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April 22, 2019
Award-winning Books



We're pleased to announce that three of our recent titles have been named book award winners, with two of these titles also being named finalists in an additional book award competition.

A Wild Promise: Prince William Sound by Debbie Miller with photography by Hugh Rose, from Mountaineers Books’ conservation imprint Braided River, was named winner of both the prestigious 2019 Silver IPPY Award in West-Pacific Best Regional Non-Fiction and 2018 Silver Nautilus Book Award in Ecology & Environment.

“It shows how hard everyone at Braided River worked on this book. I’m so grateful for Helen Cherullo’s (Mountaineers Books Publisher & Braided River Executive Director) vision and dedication,” said Debbie Miller of the award recognition.

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Scraps, Peels, and Stems: Recipes and Tips for Rethinking Food Waste at Home by Jill Lightner (photography by Shannon Douglas) and published by Skipstone, Mountaineers Books’ sustainable lifestyle imprint, received the 2018 Gold Nautilus Book Award in Green Living & Sustainability. Caribou Rainforest: From Heartbreak to Hope by David Moskowitz, also published by the Braided River imprint, earned the 2018 Silver Nautilus Book Award in Animals & Nature.

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Additionally, both A Wild Promise and Caribou Rainforest are finalists in the 2018 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards. (Editor's note: On June 15, 2019, it was announced that Caribou Rainforest had been named the Silver Winner in Ecology & Environment.)

Congratulations to Debbie, Hugh, Jill, Shannon, and David! 



In A Wild Promise: Prince William Sound, readers travel alongside author Debbie Miller and photographer Hugh Rose as they hike and kayak from Columbia Glacier to College Fiord, exploring the Nellie Juan–College Fjord Wilderness Study Area, a region set aside for study in 1980, to be followed—it was hoped—by permanent protection from Congress. After almost four decades of being in limbo as a designated wilderness study area, the fate of this spectacular, wild place is now in our hands. Its protection is a gift we can offer generations to come—a promise of wilderness, beauty, and natural diversity that we can, indeed, keep.


Scraps, Peels, and Stems: Recipes and Tips for Rethinking Food Waste at Home is a comprehensive and accessible guide to how you can reduce food waste in your daily life. Food journalist Jill Lightner shows how to manage your kitchen for less waste through practical strategies, tips, and advice on food purchasing, prep, composting, and storage. From beef bones, Parmesan rinds, and broccoli stems to bruised apples and party leftovers, Jill explains what to do with unused food, and how to avoid the extras in the first place.


Caribou Rainforest: From Heartbreak to Hope doesn’t tell an easy story, ask easy questions, or pretend that there are easy solutions to the possible extinction of the last mountain caribou herds to call the world’s largest remaining inland temperate rainforest home. Yet what Caribou Rainforest does—with photographs, words, and science—is explain why this is happening, so that as a community we don’t repeat our mistakes, even when our intentions are good.


Each year since 1996, the Independent Publisher Book Awards (the “IPPYs”) has identified a reading list of progressive, thought-provoking books, the kind that can touch lives and stretch our imaginations. The IPPY Awards honor the year's best independently published titles from among the more than 5,500 entries each year.

Nautilus Book Awards celebrates books that inspire and connect our lives as individuals, communities and global citizens. Nautilus Book Awards is held in particular high-regard for recognizing and promoting outstanding print books in several dozen genres that nurture positive change to co-create a better world.

As part of its mission to discover, review, and share the best books from university and independent publishers, Foreword Reviews hosts the annual Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards. 2018 finalists were chosen from more than 2000 entries submitted for consideration.


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