Volunteer Needed: Author of Building Management Manual

The Mountaineers is a seeking a volunteer with Facility Management/Building Engineering experience to complete a building documentation project. The creation of one set of central building management documents will help ensure the right information is available to the right people, at the right time...always.
Chris Williams Chris Williams
November 05, 2014
Volunteer Needed: Author of Building Management Manual
Seattle Program Center

We are looking for a volunteer with Facility Management/Building Engineering experience to complete a building documentation project that will compile all of the information necessary for maintaining and repairing our facility in one set of easy-to-read documents. 

Goal of Position

As we experience growth in our membership as well as the customer base of people who rent our facility in Seattle, there is a need to assemble the collected wisdom of many committees and systems into a central document that will help people access and use our program center effectively. The Mountaineers Seattle Program Center is a hub for Mountaineers-sponsored activities, and community and corporate events for a variety of private and public organizations that bring groups of 10 to 500 people together for things such as classes, committee meetings, business conferences, annual meetings, lectures, workshops, film festivals, auctions and fundraisers. We've created a beautiful facility and this is an important step in protecting our investments. 

Building the SPC

Scramble Field ConstructionThis volunteer position will ultimately help promote safety and maintain our building by creating a document that explains the various building systems, preventative maintenance processes, and emergency response procedures that will ensure such a broad population of building users can efficiently answer questions that inevitably come up from time to time. 

Anticipated Final ProductS:

  1. Building Emergency Manual
  2. Building Repair & Maintenance Manual 
  3. A catalog of archival building documents

Activities and Responsibilities

  • Meet with Building Committee members to understand what documentation and available resources currently exists. 
  • In a collaborative process, determine what documentation should be captured or archived. 
  • Assemble necessary documentation, write out building processes in language all users will understand,  organize archival information in a way that promotes safety and efficient use of the building. 

Support and Resources

This volunteer will have the support and collaboration of the standing Seattle Program Center Building Committee, the Facility and Events Manager (Shauna Broady), and the Chief Operating Officer (Leann Arend), who will take the lead in coordinating the tasks associated with this critical role. If interested, you can also recruit additional help and delegate tasks involved in the project to a co-volunteer. 

Length of Service/Position

The time for performing this work can be done as your schedule allows, however there is a goal is of completing all three manuals/documents by March 2015. 

Qualifications Sought

Someone with all or some of the following experience would be best equipped to complete this task: 

  • Experience in Building and Facilities Management or as a Building Engineer
  • Knowledge of major building systems, including HVAC, lighting and electrical, plumbing, water, locks, keys and door and air wall systems
  • Knowledge of preventive maintenance procedures of HVAC, lighting systems and general facilities; create and maintain preventive maintenance and cleaning schedules for all critical building systems
  • Knowledge of effective building documentation practices and their maintenance, such as including vendors and part numbers for necessary equipment. 
  • Familiarity and knowledge of emergency, life and safety procedures applicable to building management. 
  • Experience with permit and inspection requirements
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Word

How to apply

Anyone with the time, energy, and expertise to take on this critical task is encouraged to apply! Please contact or  with a brief description of your experience and interest in the position - or if you have any questions about this important task. Thank you! 

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