April 2021 Releases

Seven new releases for exploring the outdoors, sharing stories, and experiencing new perspectives.
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March 29, 2021
April 2021 Releases

April brings seven exciting new releases to your shelves!

Explore the outdoors with Washington Wildflower Hikes, Pacific Northwest Wildflower pocket guide, and two Pacific Northwest Birds  pocket guides. Walk (many) miles in another's shoes with Kit DesLauriers's memoir Higher Love and Cindy Ross's Walking Toward Peace. Or tell your own stories with the help of Campfire Stories Deck, cards to help ignite conversation around the fire.

Now Available:


Campfire Stories Deck: Prompts for Igniting Stories by the Fire

Campfire Stories Deck is a collection of 50 cards with storytelling prompts to help people of all ages find engaging and meaningful ways to connect with family and friends. While the glow of a campfire is the iconic setting for intimate stories, these cards can be used anywhere - on a camping trip, in the backyard, around the dining room table, or even an online hangout - to spark a story. 

wawildflowerhikes.pngWashington Wildflower Hikes: 50 Destinations by Nathan Barnes and Jeremy Barnes

Features include:

  • Basics of wildflower identification
  • Tips for photographing wildflowers
  • “Hike Finder,” which includes flowering season, trail difficulty, distance, and more
  • 50 detailed wildflower profiles, including common and botanical names, descriptions, and botanical backgrounds
  • Stunning images throughout

Along with its showcased species, each handpicked route includes a detailed topo map, turn-by-turn route description, history of the area, and list of other wildflowers found along the trail.

Also new from the Barnes brothers is this handy wildflower identification pocket guide:

PNW Wildflower Pocket Guide cover final.png

PNW_Birds_PocketGuide_LowCoast_Final.png PNW_Birds_PocketGuide_ForestMtns_Final.jpg

Pacific Northwest Birds Pocket Guides: Lowlands & Coast and Forest & Mountains

Particularly useful for novice or casual birdwatchers, these handy pocket guides each showcase 40 of the most common species found in the specified regions across Washington and Oregon.

Features include:

  • Clear color photos of each species
  • Icons for habitat, conservation status
  • Concise field listings detail common and Latin names, brief description, where to look for it, what it sounds like, fun facts
  • Mini eco-regional map
  • Ideal for hikers, backpackers, car campers, paddlers, beach-goers, climbers, and park visitors


Walking Toward Peace: Veterans Healing on America's Trails by Cindy Ross

Walking Toward Peace shares the intimate stories of veterans who, post-deployment, have wrestled with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Through a process called "ecotherapy," spending time in nature to promote healing and mental health, they have found new tools to deal with issues that have resulted from combat experiences: survivor’s guilt, nightmares, lack of trust, depression, hypervigilance, thoughts of suicide, and lack of purpose.


Higher Love: Climbing and Skiing the Seven Summits by Kit DesLauriers

In 2006 Kit DesLauriers made history by becoming the first person to climb - and then ski - from the summit of each continent’s highest mountain, the famed Seven Summits. Centered on this quest, her book  Higher Love represents a hero’s journey, rich with personal insights, life-threatening consequences, and a thrilling crescendo. Spanning seven continents in just two years, this deeply personal memoir recounts Kit’s initially secret journey that would change her life forever.

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