Apply Now! Alpine Ambassadors Rock Skill Development in Squamish

We're seeking applications from volunteers at all branches to join us for the next Alpine Ambassadors trip to Squamish, BC, as part of our Progressive Climbing Education (PCE) Initiative. Take your climbing to the next level with skilled volunteers and professional guides.
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April 03, 2018
Apply Now! Alpine Ambassadors Rock Skill Development in Squamish

We invite you to apply for the the next Alpine Ambassadors trip to Squamish, British Columbia, from July 27-Aug 4. The program will help you develop more advanced multi-pitch rock skills on challenging terrain with support from each other, skilled volunteers, and professional guides. Volunteers from all branches are invited to participate in this innovative, aspirational program, which seeks to infuse The Mountaineers with deeper skills and inspiration to give back.  

The Progressive Climbing Education (PCE) initiative is an organization-wide, multi-faceted approach to developing leaders, enhancing skills for our volunteers, growing curriculum, conserving climbing areas, and fostering the highest quality climbing programs. In 2018, we introduced the new Alpine Skills Development Program aimed at skilled climbers who've given a substantial amount of their time to help new climbers through The Mountaineers, and who want to take their own climbing skills to the next level. That original group is now known as the Alpine Ambassadors, with representation from all branches that have climbing programs!

Who are the Alpine Ambassadors?

In February 2018, we kicked off the newly named "Alpine Ambassadors" program when seventeen climbers went to Canmore, BC, to work on ice climbing skills. The Alpine Ambassadors are a group of climbers looking to push their limits together, learn from the mentorship of guides and highly accomplished climbers, and mentor others who are just joining this group. 

The goal of the Canmore program was to help our climbers improve their water-ice climbing grades while providing skills to become more safe and efficient. Climbers were grouped differently each day to maximize personal skill development, alternating between climbing in larger groups at ice cragging areas, and in pairs to ascend multi-pitch waterfalls. Many of the ambassadors reported bumping up their ability to lead on ice by a grade or more as a result of the focused week of practice. 

What's happening in Squamish?

The trip to Squamish seeks to grow the group of Alpine Ambassadors and further develop their skills. Comfort, skill, and efficiency leading on water ice, and soon rock, directly translates into experience and proficiency leading in alpine terrain. In short: it grows our coalition of volunteers' skills, making us better leaders and increasing the types of trips we can offer to our students. 

In Squamish, we seek to develop multi-pitch rock lead skills with support from each other, skilled volunteers, and professional guides.  The trip is scheduled to take place from July 27 - Aug 4


If you're a volunteer who is  excited about advancing your skills and perpetuating the spirit of mentorship in The Mountaineers, we encourage you to apply.  We strongly encourage women, people of color, and LGBTQ climbers to apply. We also hope that branch leaders encourage a strong applicant pool from their branch.

Application requirements:

  • This group is focused on developing a high level of climbing skill, and to be eligible for Squamish you should be leading 5.8 multi-pitch trad routes. 
  • You should be a Basic Climbing graduate (or higher) and have recent experience leading trips for The Mountaineers.
  • You will need a written letter of reference from someone at your branch who can speak to your climbing skills or history as a volunteer.

We will take all eligible applicants and make selections based on climbing experience, goals, and vision for how this program will help you give back to The Mountaineers community. We anticipate more qualified applicants than we have capacity, and we will strive to invite a cohort that represents a highly motivated, diverse group from all branches. 

Participants for Squamish will be selected by a selection committee comprised of current Alpine Ambassadors, including Nick Wilson, Krissy Fagan, Kyle Breakey, Ian Lauder, and Chase Gruszewski along with education program staff members Becca Polglase and Steve Smith, and Board Member Steve Swenson.  

When reviewing applicants, we will consider: 

  • Recent history of volunteerism within The Mountaineers
  • Relevant climbing skills and experience
  • Desire to use this experience to further your leadership within The Mountaineers
  • Mountaineers references

Apply for the multi-pitch rock program 

Applications are due May 11.

We will review applications and respond by the end of May to all who apply to notify you of your status.  

Cost to you to participate, if selected: We provide guides and lodging, you provide your food and transportation to and from Squamish. 

A special thanks to Steve Swenson for his vision and personal time invested to make this program come to life. 

Questions? Please email Steve Smith

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