Almost There! Just 2K Away from Getting More Kids Outside

The Mountaineers spends $30,000 in transportation costs annually for our youth education and summer camp programs. Make a donation and help us purchase a passenger van of our own, so that we can reinvest those funds back into our programs and get more kids outside.
Andy Bassett Andy Bassett
Youth Education Manager
September 12, 2019
Almost There! Just 2K Away from Getting More Kids Outside

Time is running out to help The Mountaineers get more youth outside more often! With the incredible generosity of our community, we are only $2,000 away from our $30,000 goal! These funds will enable us to purchase a 15-passenger Ford Transit and drastically reduce our need to rent vans or ask volunteers to drive their own cars to youth outings. 

The best part is that the money we save on rentals and reimbursements will be reinvested back into the program to support getting more kids outside through scholarships and expanded outdoor opportunities. 

Thanks to the generous support of a Mountaineers donor, all gifts made by September 30 will be 100% matched! Your gift will go twice as far and have 2x the impact with this special match opportunity!

Last Chance - Donate for 100% match!

 We don’t have to go far to play in the outdoors. 20 minutes can take us to Discovery Park, Camp Long, or any other city park. Within 40 minutes we can visit Dashpoint, Twin Falls, or one of our kids’ favorite places to climb, Exit 38. I’ve witnessed the self-awareness and team building skills our kids receive when they’re adventuring outdoors, and if you’ve had kids in one of our programs or engaged as a volunteer you’ve seen it too. One of our Mountain Workshop participants, Elijah, let us know how much he enjoyed climbing at Exit 38:

 Elijah Letter for ET.jpg

 Our community’s youth want to be outdoors and experience the joys of rock climbing, hiking, snowshoeing - but they often need us to get them there. Unfortunately, transportation still remains one of our greatest barriers to organizing more outdoor trips for more kids.

Now that school is back in session, we’re busy planning for the next school year to make sure kids like Elijah have a chance to continue to further develop confidence with more outdoor experiences like climbing at Exit 38.

We are so close to our goal of $30,000 – only $2,000 more to go! Would you help us reach our goal by the end of September by making a gift today?


P.S. Thanks to a special match opportunity, ALL gifts will be 100% matched until September 30. We are so close to purchasing a 15-passenger van of our own! Help us get the rest of the way with a gift today.

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