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Volunteer Now: Everett Branch Leadership Opportunities

Since taking on the role of Everett Branch Chair about a month ago, I’ve been humbled by the words of encouragement I’ve received and by the number of volunteers who have stepped forward to take on leadership roles in our community. Many of you heard the calling I made at our Annual Awards Banquet on November 5 and have raised your hand to help and to learn more about the critical roles in Everett that need filling. Read more…

Our 2022 Banff Mountain Book Competition Winners

We are excited to announce that three of our titles are 2022 Banff Mountain Book Competition finalists! This internationally recognized literary competition included 166 books from 11 different countries this year. 

Congratulations to our talented authors Luc Mehl, Lauren DeLaunay Miller, and Katie Ives, as well as the other competition finalists!

Check out all three of our finalists:

The Packraft Handbook by Luc Mehl 
Category: Guidebook

luc mehl.png

The Packraft Handbook is a comprehensive guide to packrafting, with a strong emphasis on skill progression and safety. Readers will learn to maneuver through river features and open water, mitigate risk with trip planning and boat control, and how to react when things go wrong. Beginners will find everything they need to know to get started--from packraft care to proper paddling position as well as what to wear and how to communicate.

Illustrated for visual learners and featuring stunning photography, The Packraft Handbook has something to offer all packrafters and other whitewater sports enthusiasts.


Valley of Giants: Stories from Women at the Heart of Yosemite Climbing by Lauren DeLaunay Miller 
Category: Climbing Literature 

lauren d.png

Though long overlooked, women have always been at the center of Yosemite--climbing, crafting equipment, and establishing new routes. In Valley of Giants, editor and climber Lauren DeLaunay Miller pulls together journal excerpts, original essays, interviews, archival materials, and memorable firsts that span the past century of climbing in the Valley.

This first-ever collection of both famed and untold stories from women at the heart of Yosemite climbing gathers almost 40 contributors, from Bea Vogel who forged her own pitons to Molly Higgins who participated in the first all-female ascent of the Nose on El Capitan to Liz Robbins who established routes in Yosemite Valley during the Golden Age. As Mari Gingery, one of the first women to climb the Shield on El Cap, writes in the foreword, "the stories feature a medley of intrepid female characters" who "offer fresh perspectives."

Organized into five distinct eras in Yosemite climbing history, this groundbreaking anthology captures a range of stories from heartbreaking losses to soaring joys, trip reports of significant ascents to moments that convey the larger essence of the Valley--and what it means to call this iconic place "home."


Imaginary Peaks: The Riesenstein Hoax and Other Mountain Dreams by Katie Ives 
Category: Special Jury Mention 

katie i.png

Using an infamous deception about a fake mountain range in British Columbia as her jumping-off point, Katie Ives, the well-known editor of Alpinist, explores the lure of blank spaces on the map and the value of the imagination. In Imaginary Peaks she details the cartographical mystery of the Riesenstein Hoax within the larger context of climbing history and the seemingly endless quest for newly discovered peaks and claims of first ascents. Imaginary Peaks is an evocative, thought-provoking tale, immersed in the literature of exploration, study of maps, and basic human desire.

Get it Here 

Affinity Groups at The Mountaineers

At The Mountaineers, we believe a diverse and inclusive outdoors inspires unity, respect, and passion for the places we love. This belief is reflected in our core values and is the driving vision to foster outdoor experiences where all people feel belonging. One way we strive to do that is through affinity group activities.  Read more…

A Local Waterfront Gem: Beachfront Cabins at Cama Beach State Park

As life changes, the way we play outside does too. This is true of families with newborns, folks with caretaking responsibilities, those of us who might be nursing an injury or just want to take it a little slower for whatever reason. If you’re looking to get outdoors in a way that requires less planning and is less strenuous, consider an indoor adventure like renting a beachfront cabin at Cama Beach State Park on Camano Island. Read more…

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Through the Inflation Reduction Act

As we increasingly experience the impacts of climate change in our communities and on outdoor experiences, it’s time to meaningfully invest in fighting the climate crisis. This summer, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) - a massive package of climate, healthcare, and tax bills - was passed by Congress and signed into law. Read more…

$22K Raised for Scholarships on Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday was a day to remember! 

As snow descended across Western Washington, many of you chose to give back to The Mountaineers with a special donation in support of The Mountaineers Access Program (MAP). We got a special surprise when a member offered to match up to $5,000 with a gift of $100 for every Giving Tuesday donation of any size. And to round out the day, a few people even joined Peak Society with gifts of $1,000! Read more…

A Mule, a Klutz, and a Pair of Skis: Learning to ski as an adult

Rain on the windshield distorted the headlights of other cars waiting in the dark parking lot. My older sister was in the backseat next to me, leaning against our dad’s headrest as she looked over his shoulder. He flipped on the windshield wipers just as a school bus pulled in. “Is that it?” my sister asked. Mom replied, her eyes intent on her husband. “Looks like it. They said the bus would be here at 6.” Read more…

Mountaineer of the Week: Nate Derrick

Each week we bring you a personal story from one of our members. For our member profile this week we talked to... Read more…

Sign Up Now for the 2023 Meany Lodge Patrol Race

The Meany Patrol Race is back and open for registration with racers lining up onSaturday, March 18, 2023. Steeped in the rich history of Mountaineers winter backcountry exploration and the nearly one hundred year old Meany Lodge, The Patrol Race remains the backcountry ski touring race in the Pacific Northwest. Sign up to race or to cheer the racers on as they cross the finish line at Meany Lodge.   Read more…

Mountaineer Magazine Winter 2023

As a Mountaineers member, you receive free access to our quarterly Mountaineer magazine, keeping you up-to-date with everything our organization and community have been up to. Hear from regular contributors on topics from training exercises to trail tips, and read features from our members sharing stories from the outdoors. We encourage you to access all of our updates, stories, tips, and more in the tree free online magazine today. Read more…