Our Parks Adventurers Last Call - Give Today!

Only a few days left to give to Our Parks Adventurers. We are only $4,526 away from our big goal!
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September 02, 2016
Our Parks Adventurers Last Call - Give Today!

 Meet Tatiana. She is a 13-year old at Brettler Family Place, a Mountain Workshops partner since 2012.

Thanks to the support of youth programs that year, Tatiana and Brettler youth gained new outdoor skills and experiences through Mountain Workshops, our outreach program. In the years that followed and in addition to Brettler’s annual Mountain Workshops sessions, Tatiana and her younger sister and brother hiked, climbed and paddled during weeks of summer camp dedicated to youth at Brettler Family Place, a housing development for formerly homeless women and children.

This year, Tatiana came back as a junior counselor for Brettler’s summer sessions with Rock the Park, a partnership with The Mountaineers, Brettler and Seattle Parks.  She spent her summer belaying and teaching climbing skills, mentoring younger youth, and advancing her own climbing skills by learning how to rappel!

Mountain Workshops opened Tatiana’s eyes to what it means to be a leader, how she can apply what she’s learned over the years, and what she’s able to achieve for herself. All because of you. You can help give more kids more experiences like Tatiana’s.

We have only a few days left to reach our $20,000 goal for youth programs. We’re so close. Make a donation through Our Parks | Your Adventure today!


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