Adventure Series Speakers Wanted

The Bergschrund, a new Ballard taproom for NW Peaks Brewery, is looking for participants for their new Wednesday Adventure Series, held every other Wednesday evening from 6:30-8pm. Share your Mountaineers expertise!
Chris Williams Chris Williams
June 05, 2015
Adventure Series Speakers Wanted

Wednesday Adventure Series

NW Peaks Brewery is looking to The Mountaineers for someone who could offer informative, interesting presentations on topics that will  inspire the community to get outside, enjoy the wilderness that surrounds Seattle, and to get involved in protecting our wild spaces. This series is a new aspect of this vision and will feature one or two speakers giving a 30-45 minute audio/visual presentation, Q&A, and discussion or mingling with attendees

The Bergschrund is their new Ballard taproom and their "Wednesday Adventure Series" will be held every other Wednesday evening from 6:30-8pm

The series will showcase a variety of local outdoors- or environmentally-focused organizations in Washington state. Sometimes there will be clinics to focus on skills or specific sports. Some events will focus more on education and information about important issues facing our wilderness areas and ecosystems. They also hope to include opportunities for multimedia trip reports to be shared by local climbers, paddlers, and adventures. If you are interested, this would be a great way to carry out The Mountaineers mission and enhance our profile in the Seattle community. 


They are looking for speakers in the following areas:

  • Avalanche safety
  • Camping/hiking/paddling with kids
  • GPS navigation
  • Basic wilderness first aid
  • Edible wild plant identification
  • Animal tracks and scat identification
  • Nature Photography
  • Backcountry cooking


Pizza and a beer are provided to the speaker for their time and efforts.

Expectations and support

An audio/visual presentation (powerpoint style) is preferred but any format the speaker would be comfortable is fine. A PC, projector, microphone and pointer will be provided at the taproom.

They are currently looking to fill Wednesday evenings in August and September, but can be flexible with the date. The speaker would be expected to arrive at 6pm for set up and may need to stay past 8pm depending on the extent of Q&A and discussion following the presentation.

 If you are interested presenting, please contact Alison at

Examples of Upcoming Presentations

June 24 – Rebecca Jensen - Cascade Orienteering Club/MerGeo Nav Races

Real Navigation 101 (Practical wilderness navigation skills from a nav racer's perspective)

Learn practical wilderness navigation skills from an expert nav racer. You'll learn what you can and can't trust on a map, how to plan and execute cross-country routes, and of course, what to do when you're lost. Also, discover the world of navigation racing, including the local nav scene, and how you don't actually have to be hardcore to do it.

 July 8 – Mike Sidwell - Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance

Learn about Evergreen MTB Alliances efforts to protect and maintain mountain biking opportunities in Washington and how you can get involved. We'll talk about their internationally renowned bike parks in Western Washington, skills classes offered, races in the area, and how to get the whole family out on the trails!

If you would like to volunteer to present for this series, please email with the subject line "Bergschrund WAS."

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