Powerful Books Inspire Conservation - #GiveBIG this May

This May, we celebrate #GiveBig, and raise awareness of our wild places and ecosystems through books like "Caribou Rainforest" in honor of our storied Mountaineers Books publishing division. Donate today! The future of our shared home here in Pacific Northwest--and beyond--depends on it.
Helen Cherullo Helen Cherullo
Publisher, Mountaineers Books
May 08, 2019
Powerful Books Inspire Conservation - #GiveBIG this May

In a brief encounter with a mother caribou and her calf, it becomes startlingly clear that we share an innate passion and concern for the future with all living beings. This universal calling leaps from the pages as you turn through Caribou Rainforest: From Heartbreak to Hope, recently published by Mountaineers Books as part of our Braided River line of titles.

After following along with David’s dramatic stories and stunning imagery, you can’t help but wonder: what kind of future are we leaving for our children? More than one-third of the world’s forests have disappeared in the past 50 years, and their loss affects the lives of many species—including our own. Declining ecosystems have an impact on the physical and emotional well-being of humans and animals alike. While many solutions treat the side effects, what we most need now is a willingness to have conversations about lasting change.

With nearly sixty years of experience in the publishing industry, we’ve learned time and again that a good book can make significant change happen. With support from authors and photographers like David Moskowitz, people around the world have access to important lessons that can transform despair into positive action, and a platform to share thoughtful conversations about conservation.

#GiveBIG to bring these stories to life

Like many other Mountaineers Books titles, Caribou Rainforest builds a bridge from our backyard in the Pacific Northwest to the health of the natural world, and reveals a connection to landscapes or animals that many have not experienced. These books create a starting point for conversations about how to care for future generations, and provide a new or deeper understanding of the problems we all face. From the Cascades to the Arctic, to caribou, birds, and salmon, we make it our business to help people learn about and conserve the wild places and ecosystems that share our home planet. 

There’s still much work to do—we need your help to drive lasting change.

This #GiveBIG, The Mountaineers is raising funds for our storied books division. As an independent, nonprofit publisher, Mountaineers Books relies on philanthropic support to produce mission-driven publications that inspire advocacy and a shared responsibility for conservation.

Donate Today

It is up to us. Please #GiveBIG today to raise awareness of our wild places and wild animals through powerful books that inspire people to have hard conversations and prioritize conservation. The future of our shared home here in Pacific Northwest—and beyond—depends on it.

With gratitude,

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Helen Cherullo, Publisher
Mountaineers Books
An independent, nonprofit publisher since 1960 

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