2018 Olympia Sea Kayaking Program

It's another full year of training, trips, and classes! See what our Olympia Sea Kayaking Committee has in store for 2018.
Dan Halsey Dan Halsey
Olympia Sea Kayaking Committee Chair
March 29, 2018
2018 Olympia Sea Kayaking Program

The Olympia Sea Kayaking Committee is launching our 2018 sea kayaking program with trip planning, instructor training, incident management training, Wednesday evening paddles, and a new group of sea kayak students. Join us for another season of fun on the water!

Instructor (train the trainer) Training | Apr 1

This class  focuses on training the people who teach our Basic Sea Kayaking Course. Body Boat Blade, an internationally recognized kayak instruction and guide company, is providing the training at Kenneydell Park and Black Lake. Course instruction includes models of adult learning and practical aspects of kayaking. It is open to all Basic Sea Kayaking Course graduates, including newly graduated kayakers.

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Incident Management Training | Apr 7 & 21

Brian Hollander organizes this class, which emphasizes incident avoidance, effective decision making, and hands-on practice in towing and rescue.  

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Summer Paddles

Wednesday evening summer paddles will begin in May! Meet at 6pm at the Boston Harbor public launch area for a fun paddle around Boston Harbor. No advanced registration required.

Pool Sessions

Pool sessions are about to end, and April 8 is the last pool session until November. These sessions give you a chance to practice rolling and rescues and are open to the public. 

We host pool sessions on Sundays from 4-6pm at the River Ridge pool. Please email Molly Morse with any questions!

Basic Sea Kayaking Course | Begins Apr 26

The course provides a basic introduction to sea kayaking, and graduation from the course permits members to sign up for Sea Kayaking trips with any Branch of The Mountaineers. No prior knowledge or experience is required. All instruction will be in single sea kayaks, and students are required to rent or own their own gear. Registration closes on April 24.

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2017 Graduates  Sea Kayaking

15 students graduated from our Basic Sea Kayaking Course in 2017. Congratulations to:

  • Kenneth Ames
  • Matthew Ames
  • Alison Beglin
  • Brennan Dubbs
  • Nora Flemming de Sandoval
  • Jesse Gantz
  • Kristen Harris
  • Bradley McMillan
  • Kathleen McMillan
  • Tim Olver
  • Wm Rusty
  • Joyce Saraos
  • Debby Sargeant
  • Robert Sell
  • Kerri Wilson

Past Event: Leader Appreciation Dinner | Mar 23

Leaders meet for an appreciation dinner and planning session each spring. In order to become a leader, a person must have been a paddler for one year, gone on two mentored trips, and be approved by a committee vote. The Olympia Sea Kayaking Committee currently has between 10 and 15 leaders, with four individuals set to become leaders in the 2017-18 season.  Following the appreciation dinner, leaders will plan the upcoming season of trips. Most trips will take place in South Puget Sound, with a periodic trip to the Straits of Juan de Fuca or Washington coast.

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