Volunteers Wanted: Help Us Plan the 2015 Leadership Conference

We are looking for people willing to reach out to our leaders, recruit speakers, and assist with hosting our 2nd annual "Fostering Leadership" Conference for Leaders and future leaders to expand on their skills.
Chris Williams Chris Williams
March 16, 2015
Volunteers Wanted: Help Us Plan the 2015 Leadership Conference

On December 5, 2015, The Mountaineers will offer another one-day conference to provide professional development for our current and future activity leaders. Last year's event was a tremendous success, with leaders and committee's revitalizing efforts to coordinate their efforts across the organization (you can watch last year's speaker's here). We are looking for people who can help us make this year's program just as rewarding.


Ensure that our leaders and future leaders are provided a day of world-class professional development that is inspiring, educational, and connected to the mission and vision of The Mountaineers. 


We envision monthly meetings (maximum 1 hour in length!), at a time to be determined by those with interest, likely via teleconference. There will be increasing  commitmentsup to twice a week in the two weeks prior to December 5th, but not everyone will be asked to attend each meeting.  I intend to meet only when necessary and rely on people to take tasks, do them, and report out for all to act on. Meetings are generally for decisions that need to be made (or drinking coffee and eating donuts, I already know how to do that) - we have other ways to share information than sitting in meetings. 

With many hands, the work will be lighter, but expect increased involvement closer to the event.

Activities and Responsibilities

  • Reach out to branches and their activity committees to identify what topics would be useful and interesting as breakout sessions. 
  • Perform outreach to recruit speakers and ensure they are prepared to tailor their presentations to our Mountaineer community. 
  • Drive recruitment of leaders and participants to attend the event. 
  • Assist with the event and/or recruit volunteers that will create a welcoming, professional, and on-schedule program for the day. 
  • Develop and analyze feedback from the event to plan for the following year. 

Perks of volunteer role

  • Attend the conference on December 5th at the Seattle Program Center for free (a modest savings)
  • Meet and interview interesting potential speakers for the event.
  • Play a role in shaping the professional development provided to all Mountaineer Leaders.
  • Collaborate with other leaders across the organization, providing the opportunity to expand your own programs and courses.

Desired qualifications

  • Experience with The Mountaineers (in any capacity or activity)
  • Connections with experts in a variety of outdoor activities
  • A sincere and passionate commitment to serve the entire Leadership base within The Mountaineers - across all activities we offer
  • A sense of punctuality and the ability to follow through on commitments
  • Positive outlook and demeanor


Because of the work and infrastructure built last year, almost all of this process is laid out in documentation and schedules that can be used again this year. Leadership Development Manager Chris Williams will coordinate all efforts and lead the efforts to ensure a consistent theme and program for the day.  He will be available whenever needed in between planning sessions. 

How to get involved

and let him know you would like to be involved. 

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