2013 Olympia Mountaineer Awards

Check out our 2013 Olympia Mountaineer Award Winners.
Kristina Ciari Tursi Kristina Ciari Tursi
April 01, 2014
2013 Olympia Mountaineer Awards
Top Volunteers

Every year we honor our top volunteers and members with awards.

Here are the 2013 winners:

  • Olympia Branch Service Award: Mike Kretzler
  • Olympia Lookout Patch: Jennifer Ferguson, Scott Rice
  • Olympia Lookout Rocker: Emily Whitney, Henry Romer
  • Olympics 100 Mile Patch: Dan Lauren, Curtis Baxstrom, Lisa Berntsen, Royce Poetter
  • Six Peaks Pin: Henry Romer
  • Tacoma Irish Cabin – First 12: Dean Taylor
  • Tahoma Peaks – First Group: Dean Taylor

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