100 Friends for 100 Hikes: Join the Legacy!

Become one of "100 Friends of 100 Classic Hikes." Donate $100 by October 15 and get your name listed in the new Washington state book!
Erika Lundahl Erika Lundahl
September 21, 2015
100 Friends for 100 Hikes: Join the Legacy!
Kevin Halls signed copy of the original 100 Classic Hikes

Our "100 Friends of 100 Classic Hikes" opportunity had only been open for a few hours, and hardly even promoted yet, when the first gift came in from Mountaineers hike leader Steve Payne

What prompted Steve to sign up?

 “100 Classic Hikes was the first guidebook I bought when I started hiking in 2005, and I often quote or paraphrase Manning and Spring when I'm leading a Mountaineers hike," said Steve. "I've come to know and appreciate Craig's writing and photography -- he is equal to the task! And I know that our friend Karen would appreciate the effort to update a classic title.”

Steve made his gift in memory of his friend, guidebook author Karen Sykes who perished at Mount Rainier last year.

If you love hiking in Washington’s most beautiful places and want to help other people to experience the same joys you’ve had, we’d like to invite you to become one of our 100 Friends of 100 Classic Hikes today! Donate $100 and you will receive:

Ready to sign up now? Click here!

Here’s why  Liz McNett Crowl  decided to befriend this book: “When I saw the 100 Friends on Facebook, what resonated with me was the idea of supporting the next generation of hikers. I reflected on how a person encouraging us and inviting us to hike and snowshoe changed our lives and introduced us to hiking in a way that I wish I had discovered 40 or 50 years ago. Instead of starting to hike in my 50s, I could have had a lifetime of hiking. That is what I hope my donation supports.” 

We’d like to extend our very sincere thanks to everyone who has signed up so far:

John Spring Family
Spring Family Trust for Trails
Dick Bacon
Bruce Bagley
Bill Baldwin
Sara Raved
Karen Binkhorst
Lucia Cantu
Chris and Melissa Caviezel
Victor and Rena Chinn
Karen Daubert
Tom Davis
Zdenek Dohnalek
Matt Dressler - Mountains To Sound GIS
Evy Dudey and Mark Glidden
Kari Durr
Todd & Patti Enos
Peggy Goldman
Martinique and Elliot Grigg
Michelle Haffner
Kevin Hall
Jessie & Tony Hey
Shauna Johnson
Jill Jones
John Kehoe
Rick & Kay Kirsten
Sue Krienen
Geoffrey Lawrence
Nancy Lloyd
Elizabeth Lunney
Kathryn Martin
Alexey Maykov
Colleen & Steve McClure
Liz McNett Crowl
Garry Myers
John Ohlson
Susan Olson
Gary Paull, Dawn Erickson
Steve Payne, in memory of Karen Sykes
Scotty & Deborah Railton
Henry and Leslie Romer
John Sadro Jr
Leah Schulz
William Stretch
David Tallent
Janet Vail
Tom Varga
John Walser
Washington Trails Association
Gene Yore & Doris DeVries