10 Essential Questions: Siana Wong

Meet Siana Wong, an environmental scientist and climber who loves trip planning and logistics, and is always sure to bring gummy worms on her adventures.
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June 14, 2019
10 Essential Questions: Siana Wong

Each week we bring you a personal story from one of our members. For our member profile this week we talked to...

Name: Siana Wong
Hometown: Norman, OK
Member Since: March 2014
Occupation: Environmental scientist for the Washington State Department of Ecology 
Favorite Activities: I love to play outdoors in any way! Rock climbing, mountaineering, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, paddling, etc.

10 Essentials: Questions

How did you get involved with The Mountaineers?

I joined The Mountaineers mainly because of the climbing courses offered. Before I moved to Washington, I would often go on hiking/scrambling trips in the mountains by myself. I learned all I could about wilderness navigation and survival skills via the internet and Bear Grylls. But I wanted to gain more knowledge and technical skills, and to meet people to climb with. I was also attracted to the many other activities and courses offered.

What motivates you to get outside with us?

The opportunity to take or volunteer to help instruct high quality courses and meet cool people are what motivate me to get outdoors with The Mountaineers. I have met a wonderful community of people through The Mountaineers, and some of my closest friendships today formed through taking or volunteering for the courses.

What's your favorite Mountaineers memory?

There are so many! But perhaps the most memorable is collectively my Basic Climbing course experience. It was a pretty intense year with a lot of new material to learn and a lot of requirements to graduate, in addition to balancing non-Mountaineers life. But I got through it, went on neat trips that I never would have done otherwise, and met a lot of friends that I still climb (and volunteer, bike, take sailing, play board games, eat tacos, and drink beers) with today.

Who/What inspires you?

This beautiful planet inspires me the most. There is so much here to see, do, and learn, and curiosity about our living earth is what inspired me to become a natural scientist, and what inspires me to continue exploring through adventure.

What does adventure mean to you?

Adventure means getting out and exploring this awesome planet, often under physically or mentally challenging or slightly terrifying circumstances. My most meaningful adventures have been where I have been an equal participant in all of the planning, logistics, and implementation of a trip.

Lightning Round
Sunrise or sunset? Sunset
Smile or game face? Smile
What's your 11th Essential? Gummy worms
What's your happy place? The mountains 

If you could be a rockstar at any outdoor activity overnight, what would it be? Skate skiing

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