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Trip Report    

Yoga Hike - Grand Prospect

We had a fun hike to Grand Prospect, where we did a yoga practice to stretch and relax before heading back down the trail.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The trailhead was very crowded when we met at 8:30 AM but most of the people were there for mountain biking and we had the hiking trails mostly to ourselves.  

    The trails were dry, well-maintained and practice at grand prospect.jpg

The weather was very hot, but we got an early start and made it back to the trail head before the highest temperature of the day. Some light clouds kept the hot sun from us but obscured the views at Stan's Lookout and Grand Prospect.  We saw lots of wild flowers, met a frog, and had a lot of laughs. our frog friend on grand prospect yoga hike.jpglots of laughs on the grand prospect yoga hike.jpgwild flowers on grand prospect yoga hike.jpg