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The Tooth/South Face

We approached using the winter route via Source Lake. We left at 6 AM and took 3 hours to the base of climb. Snow varied between firm and postholing but was mostly good. Moat at the top of the pass was starting to open but was easily crossed on a small snow bridge. Rock was warm and dry but we had to cross two large patches of snow on benches on the route and had to skirt snow on the summit. Climbing took about 4 hours to the summit. Descent took ~ 3 hours included two single rope rappels and one two rope rappel to base of climb and a double rope rappel through mostly snow filled gully back to Great Scott basin. Crossing snow patches on rappel was new and challenging for the basic students. Descent took about 3 hours. Snow was surprisingly mostly firm given the warm weather for the return to the trailhead - ~2 hours.