Trip Report    

Sea Kayak - Yellow Island

Ferry problems changed this to a Vendovi Exploration & Jack Island circumnavigation that had a relaxed exploratory pace & had a wildflower & vista highlight.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The trip planned for Yellow Island (to check out the wildflowers) became a Vendovi Island paddle due to the Anacortes Ferry’s were damaged approx. 24 hours prior to our trip (so the entire San Juan ferry fleet was now ¾ & our planned ferry run & most of the ferry’s to Orcas island were cancelled for the day of the trip – so we did a quick pivot once learning of this at 9pm the night prior). All of the trips registered participants wanted to paddle this new/updated plan.

    Day parking is free at Young County Park North Beach.  Wind was forecast to be 5-15kts with wind waves less than 2 ft with partly cloudy skies  (chance of rain around noon) with a drop in wind early-mid afternoon before picking up for front anticipated to move in with small craft warning for Friday evening.

    We had partly cloudy skies at when we launched, we had minimal white caps and some patches of lumpy water (but waves were less than 1ft). the majority of the afternoon was under full sunshine. the weather turned out to be more gentle than forecasted. We had the island to ourselves and the surrounding waters.

we met at the Guemes ferry terminal & caught the 9am ferry from Anacortes to Guemes island. We launched our paddle from Young County Park North beach crossing to the southern tip of Vendovi (low tide) & travelled along the northern edge  - plentiful tide line sightings of a diverse sea star population & in addition to a couple seal rookeries - before landing for lunch at Vendovi's North Cover. after lunch we took a loop walk (0.9 miles each way,) to Paintbrush point (impressive wildflowers on the bluff overlook that had impressive vistas. We then returned to our kayaks & headed down to circumnavigate Jack Island (counterclockwise) before making it back to our launch (approx. 8.5 miles paddling & 2 miles walking). It was a great day exploring the Vendovi island preserve & it’s surroundings.